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How to measure event success

how to measure event success

So you’ve decided to attend or sponsor some events. (Or if you haven’t, read this to figure out if a trade show is even worth it). But now you’re wondering how to measure event success or ROI. Or perhaps you’re unsure of events altogether because you’re uncertain if you can even reliably measure success. I’m…

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Custom branded boxes: ideas and best practices


Want to make an outstanding first impression? Whether you’re sending a welcome kit to a customer, a new hire kit to an employee, or a coffee mug kit to a key prospect, custom branded boxes work wonders. And when it comes to the overall design and direction, you have myriad options. We recommend exploring thematic…

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Are trade shows worth the cost?

are trade shows worth the cost? Image of Printfection booth

I answered this question on Quora and wanted to give it a more in-depth treatment here. I’ll share why trade shows are absolutely worth the cost — and give some real results we achieved from SaaStr Annual back in February. First off, not all events are equal. You need to thoughtfully vet them. Some good…

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On SiriusDecisions Summit and…getting uncomfortable?

We’re in the final stages of planning our first ever attendance at SiriusDecisions Summit in Austin, and I’m beyond pumped. As a swag management platform, we help some pretty bright companies with their merch for trade shows. Naturally, we’re excited to showcase some really fun, unique goods at the show. But more importantly, SiriusDecisions is…

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Should you send food or drinks as corporate gifts?

corporate food gifts and drinks - should you send them

You’re on the hunt for some great presents for your customers, and you’re entertaining the thought of gifting food or beverages. You might think, why not send them cookies and a bottle of champagne! Everyone loves booze and treats, right? Sending corporate food gifts (and beverages) is convenient because there are so many options. But…

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Event planning dos and don’ts: What we learned from SaaStr Annual

Event planning is no joke. We just attended our first major conference earlier this month, SaaStr Annual in San Jose. Such an amazing show! We’re grateful to declare it a success, but we definitely learned some valuable lessons along the way. We cover them in 3 areas: Pre-event planning During the show Post-event follow-up 1)…

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4 promotional products trends we saw at the PPAI Expo

We just attended PPAI’s annual conference in Las Vegas, host to thousands of promo products distributors and suppliers. Among the myriad swag items on display, our merch experts noticed 4 interesting promotional products trends — check them out! 1. Bomber jackets Of the tens of thousands of apparel items displayed at the show, we were…

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What is swag?

what is swag?

In a business context, swag (sometimes spelled “schwag”) refers to branded merchandise. The non-business-related meanings may refer to one’s innate confidence, or swagger, or even stolen goods. But we’re tackling the corporate context in this case. Think of any trade show or event you’ve been to where companies give away t-shirts, water bottles, power banks,…

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Real-life swag campaign example: Peloton


You’re probably familiar with swag, but the notion of a ‘swag campaign’ might be slightly more foreign. I’ve shared a few of examples in the past but wanted to highlight another real-life campaign from a very well-known company: Peloton. (Note: Peloton is not a Printfection customer as of this writing) By now, the seller of…

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Unique swag ideas (your competitors AREN’T using!)

Innovative companies want unique swag ideas; they’re tired of the same boring pens and cheap tchotchkes. Whether you want to stand out at an event or wow your customers & prospects with super cool items, we got you covered. Our merchandise experts gathered these items straight from the recent ASI Expo in Chicago, one of…

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