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Unique swag ideas (your competitors AREN’T using!)


Ryan Campion

September 21, 2018

Innovative companies want unique swag ideas; they’re tired of the same boring pens and cheap tchotchkes.

Whether you want to stand out at an event or wow your customers & prospects with super cool items, we got you covered.

Our merchandise experts gathered these items straight from the recent ASI Expo in Chicago, one of the biggest shows in the promotional products industry.

I’m starting with my two personal favorites, but I also really like the last few items at the end. 🙂

Ugly holiday sweaters

ugly sweater, one of the more festive unique swag ideas

Yes, yes, and yes. Employees would rock these in a second, and they also make incredibly unique swag gifts for customers. Get festive!


piñata, among great unique swag ideas for eventscorona pinata, a very unique swag idea branded pinata in the shape of a person

If you’re seeking to drive more booth traffic at an event, or keep prospects lingering at your table longer, this is the answer!

If you want to get really aggressive, you could brand one with your competitor’s logo and bash away — juuust kidding, don’t do that.

But DO keep these awesome brand-able piñatas in mind for your future trade show swag.

PS – we wrote a post on how to choose promotional products for events that’s worth checking out if your company goes to any trade shows.

Fully custom tech items

brandable headphonesunique swag ideas like branding wireless phone chargers

Branded promotional products like headphones and wireless phone chargers are great for software companies — or any business targeting the tech enthusiast (aka anyone with a smartphone aka practically everyone).

Incredibly useful, but very small and portable — your users will appreciate these unique swag ideas.

Bottle band

several branded bottle band swag itemsbottle band - a unique swag idea twist on a mundane item

I bet you’ve branded water bottles before…but not bottle bands! Among the most useful of these unique swag ideas, any jogger or runner will be sure to thank you for these.

Particularly cool or creative swag that doesn’t break the bank is always good to have in your arsenal, and these certainly fit the bill.

Custom shoes

custom shoes with branding


Want a higher-end swag item you can offer to important customers, influencers, or key prospects?

Brand some custom kicks! Your competitors aren’t doing this, so what better way to stand out from the crowd?

Origaudio hipster hats with leather details

hat with branded leather detailing on the cap

I wouldn’t normally consider baseball caps a particularly special swag idea – but these are different.

You can brand the leather patches on the cap for a super standout, high-quality look. Truth be told, everyone on the Printfection team who saw these wanted one.

Wine, wine, wine!

wine backpack, a favorite unique swag itembrandable wine cases wine growlers, superbly unique swag ideas

Who doesn’t like wine? I mean, who doesn’t like anything drinking-related for that matter?

Above are various wine-related swag items that cater to the grape-lover.

Frankly, the backpack which provides a full blown picnic replete with your favorite bottle just knocks my socks off.

I also really like the wine growler. I didn’t even know such wonders existed in the promotional products world.

Retap water bottles

retap water bottles, taking something boring and making it a unique swag item

OK, I know I just mentioned how you’ve probably already branded water bottles (which, by the way, isn’t a bad thing; they’re just not super creative. And this post is all about unique swag ideas that set you apart).

Well, these water bottles are peacocks amidst a flock of brown sparrows…or something.

Seriously, these bad boys are constructed from borosilicate glass, making them lightweight, leak proof, and dishwasher safe.

And when I say lightweight, I mean crazy lightweight. You’ll love the reaction you get from your recipients when they pick them up!

Rustic hand-dipped mugs

rustic mug, one of our unique swag ideas for drinkwarerustic hand-dipped mug with hot air balloon design

Continuing the traditional-drinkware-turned-awesome theme, enter these amazing mugs.

I would have never considered to include mugs in a unique swag ideas post, but these are pretty badass.

No one is 100% identical, the artwork is etched right into the surface, and yet the order quantity minimum is only 36.

Fun desk accessories

branded candle, one of our unique swag ideas for your deskbranded diffuser promotional productdesk tray swag item with branding on it

Instead of pens and paperweights, why not offer candles, diffusers, or desk trays?

These handy items are great employee gifts and also work well for events and conferences since they’re compact and sturdy.

Handi warmers

handi warmer, unique swag idea that warms your hands

As of this writing, winter is coming. Perfect time to win the adoration of the masses with these rechargeable hand warmer and power bank combos!

These swag items are blessings for those suffering from cold hands or poor circulation.

They can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities (camping, hiking, cold offices, work commute, etc).

They heat up in 6 seconds, stay hot for 3-5 hours at temps between 110-125 degrees, and recharge in 3 hours; literally among the hottest of our unique swag ideas!

Cocoon tech organizers

cocoon tech organizer swag item with mints, pens, and phone secured

This tech organizer really impressed me. You can group your chargers, cords, headphones, and other gadgets firmly in place, plus you can move the straps into endless configurations.

The whole ensemble can slide easily into a backpack or briefcase.

People love swag they can actually use. That’s actually a key attribute of what sets great swag apart.

This is a smart item to brand as you’ll likely get a ton of eyeballs on your logo for months to come.

If you’re a Printfection customer and you don’t see one of these items in the catalog, just submit an Item Research Request or hit up your CSM and we’ll get on it for you ASAP!

Want more unique swag ideas?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you’d like to see!

Ryan Campion

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