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Specific Integrations


Help sales move deals through the funnel faster.

In a few clicks your team can order swag for top leads & customers.

Your swag manager can approve approve orders before they gets sent.

Integrating with Salesforce

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Use Marketo to send leads free swag.

Perfect for incentivizing form fills, customer gifts, and trial signups.

Leverage Marketo's webhook to easily generate gift links and send via email.

Integrating with Marketo


Integrate with hundreds of 3rd party APIs.

Plug Printfection into it almost any software platform your business uses.

All through a point-and-click easy-to-use graphical interface.

Integrating with Zapier


Chrome Extension

Easily generate URLs right in your Chrome browser you can use to giveaway swag.

See the Chrome Extension

Zendesk Plugin

Let your support team easily send gifts right from Zendesk using our Printfection Giveaway plugin.

See the Zendesk Plugin

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