Feature: Fulfillment

Swag fulfillment & printing made easy

Print high-quality swag and make merchandise fulfillment a logistical breeze.
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The old way of doing swag vs Printfection

How it used to work

  • Swag sits unorganized in an office closet
  • You have to pack & ship yourself - or make interns do it 😉
  • Lost shipments? That’s on you
  • Hours of wasted time
  • No clue on inventory counts

How it works with Printfection

  • We store your swag in our fulfillment center
  • You use our online platform to ship swag - no interns needed
  • We handle all the packing & shipping from our warehouses
  • Hours of your life back
  • Real-time tracking and inventory updates

Kick back and be the swag expert with Printfection

Distribution methods

Our platform offers tons of ways to fulfill swag.

  • Traditional drop shipping
  • Slick giveaway links for email or Facebook/twitter campaigns
  • Let reps ship swag through Salesforce too - with your approval!

International experts

Ship to every major country with peace of mind.

  • We handle all customs and tax paperwork
  • Orders arrive faster
  • Lower costs due to our scale & shipping partnerships

Fast turn-around times

Get swag produced and shipped in a snap.

  • Our production vendors operate ‘round the clock
  • Many orders are printed & shipped within a day
  • Quality is always consistent

The Printfection swag workflow

How Printfection Works

Swag fulfillment & t-shirt printing made easy

Get the platform companies like Zendesk, HubSpot, and Zapier use to fulfill swag

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Not your average swag company


Not just branded swag & t-shirts

We combine an easy-to-use platform with white-glove customer success

We offer free samples for all orders

Know exactly what you’re getting

We help companies actually be strategic with swag

Use it to drive leads, reward customers, and make employees happy

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