Beautiful, high quality printing.

Printing & Inventory Custom printed products, stocked and ready

Order and manage all of your promotional merchandise online. No dealing with printers and boxes of swag at the office. That's our job now.

  • Tons of products to choose from
  • We focus on quality & brand standards
  • Verify each step with custom mockups
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You get happy customers and zero headaches

“Printfection has alleviated the pain for SendGrid when ordering shirts. The online system
makes it easy for our team to go on and order product directly. Our team gets the product they need
when they need it, and we have an accurate count of our inventory.”

Tim Gray

Event Marketing Manager at SendGrid

Why should you print and stock your goods with Printfection?

Save Time & Money

No more searching for a printer, waiting weeks for the end-product, storing boxes in your office, and repeating it all for every new order. We are your centralized solution: and we're tech savvy too (we bet you miss that).

Order & Replenish Online

Once products are in your account you can order and replenish them in just a few clicks. Plus, see your remaining inventory right inside the Printfection app.

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How printing and inventory works with Printfection

  • Login to view inventory of each product in your account.
  • When low, buy more inventory in just a few clicks. See it instantly.
  • We then print, quality check, and stock your merchandise for use.
  • We'll also send weekly reports on item usage so you know when to buy more.

See exactly how the process works:
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Innovative companies trust Printfection
to swagify their brand.

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