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A Workflow that Integrates with Your Business


Integrate Printfection alongside Salesforce and empower your sales team to maximize their opportunities.

In a few clicks your team can order swag for your best customers and leads. Then let your swag manager approve the sizes and quantities of each order before it gets sent.

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Use Marketo actions to send your best leads, contacts, and customers free swag. Perfect for customer registration gifts, company surveys, and VIP reward swag.

By leveraging Marketo's webhook capabilities you can easily generate gift links and send them via your email templates.

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Zapier's platform is a great way to integrate into hundreds of 3rd party APIs.

Printfection is now a supported Zapier integration: meaning you can leverage it alongside almost any software platform your business uses. All through a point-and-click easy-to-use graphical interface.

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Chrome Extension

You and your team can easily generate swag gift URLs right in your Chrome browser with Printfection's extension.

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Zendesk Plugin

Let your support team easily send out gifts right from Zendesk, using our Printfection Giveaway plugin.

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Learn About Using Zapier with Printfection

Want to get nerdy? See our full API Documentation on GitHub

Why a Printfection API Integration
Can Take Your Swag to the Next Level

Engage With Your Audience

Get your customers, leads, and fans active by offering them an incentive to connect with you. Leverage your marketing automation or sales software and get tangible, trackable, results.

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Save Time & Money

Using Printfection's API you won't have to run your campaigns by hand anymore. Instead, you can automate your Giveaways and focus on the business. Let us handle the fulfillment, shipping, and returns.

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How to Automate Printfection Giveaways with Marketo

  • Login to your Printfection account
  • Create a new Giveaway via the wizard
  • Copy your API key
  • Add it to Marketo as a webhook
  • Set your Marketo workflow as needed
  • Once actions are completed, have Marketo send redemption emails

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