The Best B2B Swag For Growth And Retention

The best B2B swag ideas for revenue

Get the best swag ideas & strategies to help you sell, even during a crisis

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How to sell to prospects & retain customers right now

Most people are working from home; corporate offices remain empty, events are cancelled, and video calls abound.

It’s harder to sell. Your marketing and sales teams’ existing efforts are no longer effective. And don’t forget about your internal teams, too.

How do you motivate employees and engage with potential customers who are in isolation?

We’ll show you how!

Download our newest ebook on how you can effectively use branded swag to entice leads, engage customers, and reward your internal teams.

Send swag effectively.

Book sales meetings. Show client appreciation. Reward virtual event attendees.

Printfection makes it easy to send swag ANYWHERE even people’s home offices!

The eBook shows real customer examples.

Download it now!

Spiral of neatly packed t-shirts you can print your logo on and use for t shirt dropshipping

Use swag to drive revenue

Virtual giveaways, sales outreach, customer rewards

Get more ROI from webinars and virtual events by incentivizing participation and CTAs

Send beautiful swag to customers to help with retention and upsells

We'll create your products and store them for you — no more swag closet!

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Drop Shipping

Send swag anywhere - to your prospects' homes, customers offices, or HQs if they're open

Use our platform to choose what you want to send and where

A couple clicks and your swag is on its way!

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Box of neatly rolled and labeled t-shirts event managers can drop ship to events worldwide
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Giveaways for ABM, Virtual Events

Send quick and easy redemption links via email or social

Ship swag to leads who participate on virtual webinars or events

Let your reps send swag to prospects at their homes to get meetings

Send a self-serve redemption link and recipients can enter their own shipping info

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Collect and approve swag requests

Use collection pages to gather your teams' swag requests

Allow HR to order t-shirts for your next class of new hires

Let Sales reps request to send swag to leads

All requests can follow an approval process

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Printfection's integrations with various apps like Slack, HubSpot, Zendesk, and Shopify


Send swag through your business apps

Automate swag shipments with platforms like Marketo, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Zapier

Or integrate directly via our API

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Get your own customer success manager for personal 1-on-1 strategy, ideas and support.

We'll help you:

    • Handle all the hard stuff: fulfillment, customs, delivery, and more
    • Try out cool swag ideas - our team knows the hottest merch trends!
    • Manage tight deadlines & last-minute orders. We can ship swag within a day!

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