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How pricing works at Printfection

In Three Easy-to-Understand Categories

Painless shipping & fulfillment

The following benefits wrapped in a simple monthly cost — no nickel and diming.

  • Online distribution & reporting tools
  • Inventory receiving & storage
  • Product sourcing & samples
  • Dedicated account management
  • Strategic swag consulting
  • Detailed order tracking
  • API access, integrations & reporting

Products & Printing

  • Huge selection of items to choose from
  • Merchandise experts available to help
  • Pricing competitve with industry norms
  • One simple item price, no hidden costs
Next Level Red T-Shirt
from $5.87 ea
Moscow Mule Mug
from $8.50 ea
Navy Journal
from $5.27 ea
Norway Mug
from $2.70 ea
Round Lip Balm
from $1.17 ea
Port Authority Shell Jacket
from $37.25 ea

Shipping & Fulfillment

  • International shipping to 200+ countries
  • We take care of all customs paperwork
  • Free shipping on most return orders

Individual Gift

T-Shirt or Backpack
$5.99 Domestic (US)
$7.99 International
+ $2.50 Fulfillment

Bulk Order (example)

Box of 20 Shirts
$14.23 Domestic (US)
$79.20 International

+ $6.40 Fulfillment


  • 1,000 Pieces of Inventory Storage
  • 50 Backend Users
  • Free Samples Included
  • Basic Account Support


  • 5,000 Pieces Inventory Storage
  • 100 Backend Users
  • Free Samples Included
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Set Individual User Budgets
  • Custom Kits
  • Ship in Existing Swag to Start


  • 15,000 Pieces Inventory Storage
  • Unlimited Backend Users
  • Free Samples Included
  • VIP-Level Support
  • Set Individual User Budgets
  • Custom Kits
  • Ship in Existing Swag to Start

Get custom pricing for Printfection’s swag management solution

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Get custom pricing for Printfection’s swag management solution

Detailed features by plan

  Starter Standard Enterprise

Plan & Storage

Total Storage Capacity
The max amount of physical products you can hold in inventory.
up to 1,000 pieces up to 5,000 pieces up to 15,000 pieces
Number of Users 50 users 100 users Unlimited

Products & Printing

Included Number of Items 4 items 10 items 30 items
Additional Item Cost $25 /month $25 /month $25 /month
Simple Product Pricing (No Hidden Fees)
Free Blank Item Samples
Build Custom Kits  
Hi-Res Virtual Proofs & Samples
Send Us Your Existing Swag to Start  
Ship Leftover Swag Back From Events  
Custom Swag Consulting    
Fully Custom Items    


Fulfillment Cost Starts $2.50 /order Starts $2.50 /order Starts $2.50 /order
Optional Event Packing $1.00 /item $1.00 /item $1.00 /item
Optional Personalized Gift Note $0.50 /order $0.50 /order $0.50 /order
Individual Pick & Pack
Drop Shipping


Shipping Cost Starts $5.99 /order Starts $5.99 /order Starts $5.99 /order
International Shipping
Customs Forms & Paperwork
Fully Insured
Free Return Handling & Restocking

Account Management & Support

End-Customer Support & Returns
Customer Love Email Support
Priority Item Setup  
Priority Support    
Dedicated Account Representative    


Online Inventory Management
Easy Online Re-Ordering
Set & Control User Budgets  
Custom Branded Giveaways
Billing Credit Card Only Credit Card or Invoicing Credit Card or Invoicing
Customer Address Collection
External Order Submissions
CSV Address Import
Drop Shipping & Event Orders
Marketo Integration
Salesforce Integration
API Access

Ready to get started?

Our platform makes the sourcing, management, and distribution
of swag incredibly easy.

"It's been nothing short of amazing how well the Data Nerd shirts have worked. At first we were going to just do it for a month as a one-time promo, but it's been so successful we incorporated the shirts throughout our entire marketing website as an ongoing promotion."

- Rafael Alenda, Vice President, Online and Brand Marketing at New Relic

Frequently asked questions

How do these pricing plans work?

You pay a flat monthly price to use Printfection's swag marketing platform.

Backed by a network of product vendors, printers, and fulfillment centers, we're an end-to-end swag management solution

What other costs are involved?

Your only additional costs are:

  • Product Price — The cost of the actual printed products
  • Fulfillment Charge — Small charge for handling and packing each order
  • Shipping Cost — A calculated cost for each shipment you send

How am I charged?

There are two payment methods that can be used.

Account Balance: Your account can be pre-funded via invoice. Charges are then pulled from your balance.

Credit Card: Printfection supports multiple credit cards per account. Your monthly subscription will be charged to your primary card.

If you choose not to use your Account Balance, your card will be used for product, fulfillment, and shipping charges.

We our customers


Ready to get started?

Our platform makes the sourcing, management, and distribution
of swag incredibly easy.

Macbook showing a dashboard of Printfection's swag management platform

We can scale with your business

Managing swag is hard, and it only gets harder as you grow. More products, more boxes, more post-office trips.

We can scale with you, so it's just as easy in the future as it is today.

You manage everything within the app, from buying inventory to running campaigns.

Learn about our swag management platform>