Printfection Solution: Lead Generation

Use swag to generate and close qualified leads

A great way to incentivize leads and prospects to take the next step


Three bulletproof ways to use swag for lead gen

  1. Encourage leads to engage with an incentive
  2. Re-engage cold accounts by surprising them with a gift
  3. Automate the entire program by integrating to your martech stack

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Drive funnel movement

Nothing gets leads past that sticking point like a free gift. Drive funnel movement with a Printfection swag incentive. See how New Relic increased leads by 30%.

New Relic Case Study

use clever t-shirts like this one to generate qualified leads

Bring cold leads back to life

People are busy, they get distracted. Nothing recaptures their attention like a surprise gift.

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A surprise gift to bring cold leads back to life or engage event attendees

Automate it all

Get all the benefits, with none of the hassles. Tie-in your favorite marketing automation tool (Marketo, HubSpot, etc) or Salesforce CRM for seamless gifting integration.

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"It's been nothing short of amazing how well the Data Nerd shirts have worked. At first we were going to just do it for a month as a one-time promo, but it's been so successful we incorporated the shirts throughout our entire marketing website as an ongoing promotion."

- Rafael Alenda, Vice President, Online and Brand Marketing at New Relic

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