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First, why use swag in today's marketing landscape?

Because swag marketing is a Blue Ocean Strategy. Very few technology companies are doing swag right. They're not automating it, or scaling it, or tracking it. Countless customer engagement opportunities are being missed.

Blue • Ocean • Strategy marketing term

Term coined by the book Blue Ocean Strategy, where Red Oceans are the crowded, competitive, traditional way. And Blue Oceans are the wide-open, competition-free, innovative new way.

  • Swag starts a conversation.
  • Swag makes a real, lasting impact.
  • It's the only type of advertising your prospects look forward to.
  • It works!
    85% of people do business with the company after receiving swag.

People Look Forward to Swag

Nobody wakes up and thinks I hope I get a bunch of promotional emails today.

But people love promotional products. 83% of people look forward to receiving them. They even say thank you. Thanks for advertising to me!

Swag Broken

For modern marketers, swag is broken.

Branded swag is a powerful, time-tested medium. But few of today’s modern
marketers take it seriously as a strategic piece of their overall strategy. Why?

When Marketing Grew Up, Swag Didn't

It wasn't too long ago that direct-mail and other ancient methods of marketing were defacto.

Now, marketing is done in a digital world. It's automated and trackable.

Sadly, swag was left behind when it came to this technology-first marketing approach.

Knowing What Works, is Hard

It turns out that designing swag that people want is actually pretty hard.

And these old-school vendors don't know what will resonate with your customer base.

It's All Vendors, Not Partners

Promotional product printers are entrenched in an old-school method of thinking. Focused on razor-thin margins, their goal isn't your business. It's how many shirts you want.

To them, swag is business. To you, swag is a way to grow your business.

  • No online catalogs, no transparent pricing
  • No inventory or fulfillment capability
  • No guidance on successful product trends
  • No marketing integration capabilities
  • No 100% got-your-back customer support
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Printfection's swag marketing platform is the answer.

Now you can finally use a suite of marketing tools that lets you be creative with swag.
And it's backed by a platform that handles the printing, inventory, and distribution.

It Rewards Your Customers

Building and growing customer relationships can be the single biggest key to success.

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It Makes Qualified Leads Act

Sometimes leads just need a little extra push to take the next step.

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It Grows Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals are the single-most important lead generation method.

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It Capitalizes on Events

Events are the best way to get directly in front of your target audience.

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