About Printfection

Printfection is an end-to-end swag management platform. We help exciting companies create unique, amazing products that represent their brand.

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Printfection is all about creating connection - and we don’t mean that as fluff

We’re a swag management platform - we help exciting companies create unique, amazing products that represent their brand, and we help them get those products into the hands of their customers, employees, prospects, and communities.

And in doing so, we’re helping businesses connect with those most important to them in a tangible way that makes them feel appreciated and important.

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The culture of Printfection

You can’t deliver meaningful experiences without a team whose values aren’t aligned with that mission.

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The Printfection team lives by
three simple values:


We Care

We love our customers and want to go above and beyond for them — and that’s true for our own employees too. It’s a huge reason why we send out unexpected swag gifts to both staff and customers alike. It’s why we have weekly company meetings where we discuss how everyone is feeling.


We Learn

We’re not a perfect company. We’re all human, all flawed. What can we do to become a better company, to become better people? Printfection strives to be a place where employees can learn new skills, develop career growth paths, and come up with new ideas that make us a smarter company.


We Act

Do the right thing. If you need to have a difficult conversation, have it. Don’t be afraid to fail. Own your mistakes, celebrate your triumphs, and above all, try to make someone else have a better day each day through specific actions.

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If you appreciate these values, we hope you’ll consider joining us!

Printfection is a remote and distributed workforce and we want to hire top talent, regardless of where they live in the U.S.

Born in Denver and now a proud,
fully remote company


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