Who is Printfection?

A little bit about us

We're reinventing swag for modern businesses


What's the only form of advertising people will thank you for? Branded swag! Yet it's rarely taken seriously by marketers because the promotional products industry has failed to evolve.

We're on a mission to reinvent this underutilized marketing tool.

300+ innovative companies use our swag marketing platform to generate leads, make customers smile, and reinforce their corporate culture.


Did you know?

Swag is one of the only forms of marketing that provides brand interaction on a physical level, creating a more memorable experience.

88% of swag recipients remember the advertiser up to a year later. This is 160% higher than online ads.

83% of Americans like receiving swag with an advertising message. The same cannot be said about marketing emails.

The Printfection Leadership Team

Casey Schorr


The visionary behind Printfection's swag management business, Casey hails from the flat, frozen tundra of Wisconsin. He keeps Printfection focused on where the ball is going, not where it is today. Casey loves to question, innovate, and disrupt.


Kevin Materi


Kevin loves to learn from and help innovative companies succeed. Then building scalable products to solve their real-world problems. Coming from the flat midwest, he tries to take advantage of the Colorado mountains whenever possible.


Annie MacMillan

Director, Operations

A logistics nerd, Annie focuses on production, shipping, and fulfillment for all swag managed by Printfection. When not at work, you'll find her hiking a beautiful trail or eating at a new, fun, local restaurant.


Paul Jonart

Head of Customer Success

As a passionate Customer Success professional with 10+ years experience, Paul leads the customer success department, solving client problems and directly working with our customers to define and support their swag marketing initiatives. When not helping ensure our customers' success, Paul enjoys exploring the Rockies with his chocolate lab, sipping on microbrews, and seeking out live music in Denver.


Kyle Tudor

Head of Sales

Kyle has spent the last 10 years building sales teams & processes for tech startups in Los Angeles and Denver. He has a passion to genuinely think through customers problems, and architect creative solutions. When he's not on the front lines, Kyle loves golfing / skiing / traveling / camping, and a healthy pour of bourbon with good people.


Ryan Campion

Head of Marketing

Over the past decade, Ryan has built and led marketing & demand gen programs that drive leads, pipeline, and revenue for high-growth businesses. A true nerd at heart, he loves mixing creativity with data analysis to create fun and effective campaigns. In his spare time you can find him at the gym, in the Rocky Mountains, or out traveling the world.


Erica de Longpre, CPA


Originally from the great state of Michigan, Erica has been living in the Rocky Mountains since 2006. At work you’ll find her crunching numbers and managing budgets all while jamming to gangster rap. When the weekend hits, you’ll find Erica with her k9 partner in crime, Bella, hiking, biking, skiing and exploring in CO and beyond.


Matt Miller

Head of Engineering

Matt is a passionate Engineer Leader offering over 16 years of experience in small to large engineering teams driving successful and scalable software solutions with high SLAs. While away from the computer Matt enjoys "working" in his home brewery and exploring the beautiful mountains of Colorado with his family.


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