Feature: Giveaways

Effortlessly give swag to anyone

Use a branded redemption page to let your recipients fill our their info

Give away swag quickly and easily


Want to reward your customers?

Incentivize qualified leads?

Say thanks to a follower?

Do it easily with Printfection Giveaways.


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Beautiful, high quality t-shirts to use in swag giveaways

A swag giveaway landing page where a customer chooses a t-shirt and enters their shipping address

How swag Giveaways work

  1. Choose your swag offerings & brand your redemption page
  2. Send out giveaway links via email or social
  3. Customers enter their name and address
  4. Printfection packs & drop ships each gift

Each department can use Giveaways

  • Marketing:  Run a Twitter or Facebook contest to net leads
  • Sales: Send swag to re-engage cold leads
  • Customer Success: Send a gift after a customer provides a testimonial
  • HR: Ship swag to top candidates for a tough-to-fill position

And that's just the beginning - grab a demo & we'll give you more ideas!

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Ipad showing where a customer enters their own shipping address to receive their swag

The Printfection swag workflow

How Printfection Works

New Relic generated 30+% qualified leads with a simple giveaway

"It's been nothing short of amazing how well the Data Nerd shirts have worked. At first we were going to just do it for a month as a one-time promo, but it's been so successful we incorporated the shirts throughout our entire marketing website as an ongoing promotion."

- Rafael Alenda, Vice President, Online and Brand Marketing at New Relic

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