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10 unusually creative swag ideas

zen garden with logo, a very creative swag item

Katelin Culhane

August 1, 2018

Branded swag with a creative twist allows your audience to flex the right side of their brain and take a break from the day to day grind. From yoga mats to zen gardens, people love creative swag that takes them to a place where they can relax and get out of “work mode.”

Lots of customers ask us for unique swag ideas, and it’s probably our favorite request because it gets our own creative juices flowing too!

We’ve assembled 10 creative promotional products that tap into the artsy side of your customers, prospects, and employees.

Take a look and let us know your favorite!

1. Coloring book

Give a coloring book to relax and zone out. If your customers or employees are feeling stressed, this should do the trick!

a fun creative swag idea, a coloring book with a branded company logo

2. 500-piece puzzle

The feeling is priceless once you complete a puzzle. This is a super cool way to create brand awareness while your gift recipient enjoys a break to put it together.

a 500-piece puzzle branded with a logo

3. Zen garden

Have you ever used a zen garden before? There is a reason that “zen” is in the name. Your recipients are definitely going to enjoy this product and benefit from its calming effect.

a zen garden, one of the most unusually creative swag ideas


4. Rubik’s cube

Want to give your leads & customers a fun way to flex their brain muscles but not on work? A nod to the 80’s – a Rubik’s cube is the perfect idea. Our head of marketing personally fears them, but that’s only because he can’t solve one. 🙂

rubik's cube, a quintessential creative swag idea

We also featured this item in another post around 4 cool swag campaign ideas to try, so be sure to read that as well!


5. Branded Jenga Set

Branded Jenga sets are a break room favorite for sure. Give this to your prospects and customers so they can enjoy with others and spread the word about your brand!

We can do giant-sized sets as well, which are perfect for attracting visitors to your booth — and keeping them there.

branded jenga promotional product set

6. Arrangeable magnets

Magnets are a unique gift option that enable your target audience to relax while sitting at their desk – rearranging magnets into cool shapes can be an artsy release when you need a quick break from work.


creative swag idea featuring moveable magnets

7. Fidget cubes

This is definitely a great product for those who like to keep their hands busy. You can play at your desk or bring it to a meeting to keep your brain active. Just promise you’ll share.

a fidget cube, a unique item you can brand with your logo

8. Yoga mat

An incredibly versatile and creative swag idea, a yoga mat is perfect for a good stretch over lunch – and excellent for creating brand awareness for your company when your recipient uses it at their local yoga studio.

a branded yoga mat, one of the most useful creative swag ideas for fitness

Yoga and fitness in general are top-trending topics, so you’re likely to capture the appreciation of many-a-person with this handy promotional product.


9. Portable hammock

A great way to unwind after a long day – this unique, portable hammock gift is a great way to get out and enjoy nature.

a hammock with a company's logo printed on it

10. HD action camera

Capture or record memorable moments with an HD camera that fits in your back pocket or on top of your helmet. You never know what cool shots can be turned into art!


a techy creative swag idea, an HD camera with corporate logo on the front

Want more creative swag ideas?

Remember, not all items are necessarily in our catalog, but we can print on just about anything. If there’s something you want, please contact us.

Or if you’re a Printfection customer, login and submit an Item Research Request!


So what do you think about these items? Which ones would you personally want? 

Katelin Culhane

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