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10 summer swag ideas to try now

cocktail drink glass, a great summer swag option

Ryan Campion

July 17, 2018

Branded summer swag gifts let your audience have fun in the sun long after an event and nicely complement other seasonal marketing campaigns.

From logo-adorned sunglasses to refreshing cocktail kits, these promotional products are both seasonally appropriate and functional.

Whether summer makes you think of sandy beaches, grilling outdoors, camping, or simply relaxing in a hammock with a cool drink, you can find swag products that fit the theme.

Here are 10 tried and true summer swag ideas that will delight your audience.

1. Moscow mule mugs

copper mug - an excellent summer swag idea

Refreshing ginger beer, lime, and vodka never tasted so good! These mugs are super trendy right now and a fan-favorite at events. They’re a great summer swag giveaway idea as well.

Note: We’ve branded these items with Printfection’s logo just so can see what it might look like. There are myriad ways you can print your own logo on any summer merchandise.

2. Foldable picnic blankets

branded picnic blanket, a very useful summer swag item

This foldable blanket is convenient, fun, and very unique from the traditional swag items you see most companies pitching. It’s usefulness fulfills one of the 5 key attributes of what makes swag successful.

3. Hats

hat with printed logo, a classic summer swag idea

Simple and practical. You’d be surprised how much people like hats (and socks, incidentally!) Proof that you don’t always need to go fancy to generate buzz at your booth.

4. Sunglasses

branded sunglasses, a great summer promotional product

I have a nasty habit of sitting on my sunglasses, so it’s always nice to have a backup pair! Sunglasses are among the most classic and versatile summer swag items you can offer.

5. Flip flops

flipflops branded with a corporate logo

Another simple item, yet one you don’t see too often at trade shows! They work great in giveaway campaigns as well — being light-weight makes them inexpensive to ship.

6. Beer koozies

branded koozie, a great summer promotional product

A list of summer swag ideas wouldn’t be complete without something appealing to beer lovers. Print your logo on drinking-related merchandise and you’ll be guaranteed to get more brand impressions for the months ahead.

7. Small fans/misters

a mister fan with corporate logo printed on it

On the hottest summer days, these mister fans are a lifesaver. Print your logo on these and bask in the appreciation you’ll receive from recipients!

8. Branded beach towels

beach towel, a perfect summer swag item

Whether you live close to a beach or have to visit a pool to get your water-fixin’, you can’t go wrong branding a beach towel.

9. Beach bags/totes

gray beach tote with Printfection corporate logo printed on it

Totes and bags are quintessentially useful and inexpensive items that work well at events and in swag giveaways.

10. Golf balls & tees

summer swag items for golfers: branded golf balls and tees

Cater to the golf-enthusiast. While one of the more niche summer swag ideas, those who play this incredibly challenging sport, or have a loved one who does, gravitate heavily to this unique merchandise.

And remember, not all items are necessarily in our catalog, but we can print on just about anything. If there’s something you want, please contact us.

Or if you’re a Printfection customer, submit an Item Research Request!

Happy summer swagging!

Ryan Campion

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