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How Zeel nets 10-15% more signups with swag

blue banner that says get 10-15% more signups

Ryan Campion

June 6, 2018

This will be a quick read for any of you who have never used swag to drive more signups or acquire customers.

We recently connected with Printfection customers Skyler Rogers, Zeel’s Director of Operations, and Eva Carey, their National Community Director.

Zeel provides massage on demand in 85+ markets and has a community of therapists who are licensed in their states and provide massages in customers’ homes, places of business, events, hotels and spas.

If you’ve currently got aches and need a relaxing massage, book a massage with Zeel!

You can get a massage delivered to your home, office or hotel room within the hour. And if you aren’t quite ready to book but want to learn more about massage, check out their blog.

Zeel gets more signups by offering swag through their mobile app, shown on a phone.

Skyler & Eva’s focus

Skyler and Eva work with their support teams to make sure they are equipped to provide a high-quality experience for therapists and customers.

And they’re leveraging branded company swag in a couple of smart and unique ways.

Zeel’s two primary use cases for swag

1) Driving 10-15% more signups

They provide different types of swag to encourage users to sign up and book massages.

They change their item every quarter and their clients need to sign up for an annual subscription to be eligible for the swag.

They’ve chosen items like robes, towels, and eye masks. These have really resonated with their audience.

Eva frequently gets positive feedback from their customers. One of them shared, “I get excited when I see Zeel swag on my doorstep.”

This clever use of swag to incentivize customers to book massages has had the most direct impact on their business.

Skyler shared that they historically have seen 10-15% more signups when running this campaign, and it’s now one of the most effective promotions they can offer customers.

Zeel's massage therapists giving two customers a massage


2) Building trust & comfort with their customers

Skyler and Eva also provide t-shirts and other branded swag to their therapists. Typically these are given out in-person when therapists are onboarded.

Their community managers need a stockpile of t-shirts at all times and an easy way to order more. They use Printfection to manage that process.

All their swag campaigns help them build their brand and trust between their massage therapists and our customers.

When their therapists arrive in branded t-shirts, they make customers feel more comfortable and also build consistency from therapist to therapist.

They’re also able to chat with people in elevators, lobbies, etc. about what they do and who Zeel is.

While it can be challenging to measure this word-of-mouth / brand-recognition marketing, we get similar feedback from other customers almost weekly.

At Printfection, we just interviewed a candidate who heard about us from another one of our customer’s t-shirt giveaway campaigns.

Ready to get more signups — or at least some ideas?

If you’re not currently leveraging swag to drive more signups or acquire more customers, it’s definitely worth a shot.

And if you’d like best practices or ideas on how to get started, please contact us and we’ll be happy to share!

Now, you must excuse me. I need to book a massage.


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Ryan Campion

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