I know what you’re thinking, sure t-shirts are great but can they really make an impact on my startup’s bottom line?

The resounding answer is YES!! Here are 5 ways you can effectively use t-shirts to grow profits:

  1. Increase customer loyalty by asking long-term customers for their feedback on a survey and rewarding them with a t-shirt upon completion.
  2. Grow your paying customers by offering a free t-shirt to anyone who signs up and uses your product.
  3. Increase your following across social media channels using a t-shirt giveaway contest.
  4. Outfit your team so that when you go to conferences your brand breaks through the clutter.
  5. Reach out to potential clients, or up-sell current ones, by sending out care packages complete with t-shirts they’ll be stoked to wear.
  6. BONUS: Tout a free swag item or t-shirt giveaway contest in your advertising to attract potential customers to your website.

Check out how we can help put your swag on autopilot here and join the thousands of other startups already using t-shirts. Want to see it to believe it? A quick search on the Internet will pull up tons of startups using swag.  Look what we found today:

1. Lijit hats

2. Zozi t-shirt

3. Sendgrid t-shirts

4. Jess3 t-shirt

5. Murfie baby tee

Pretty sweet right? Don’t get left in the dust, get started creating yours today.