Look down, are you wearing a t-shirt right now? I bet you are.

People love t-shirts and they sport them almost everyday (especially startup t-shirts).

So why not use shirts to help your startup retain current customers and attract new ones? All you’ve got to do is design threads they’ll be proud to wear (which will actually spread your brand even further as your shirts travel to all sorts of places).

5 tips for creating startup shirts people will love:

  1. Don’t just slap your logo on and call it a wrap.
  2. Make the shirt about your customers’ qualities and interests.
  3. Try to incorporate an image with your text, or if it’s text heavy make sure it’s stylized.
  4. Don’t stray too far from your brand’s persona, keep your colors and flair.
  5. Be sure to offer mens and women’s styles, no one likes to wear a shirt that doesn’t flatter their figure.

And if that doesn’t get your thinkin’ juices flowing check out these 10 awesome startup t-shirts:

1. Dwolla‘s Tshirt

dwolla's startup shirts

2. New Relic‘s Tshirt

new relic's data nerd startup shirts

3. Tumblr‘s Tshirt

4. Card Flick‘s Tshirt

5. Appsumo‘s Tshirt

AppSumo's startup shirt

6. Mailchimp‘s Tshirt

7. Foursquare‘s Tshirt

8. Evernote‘s Tshirt

9. Twilio‘s Tshirt

10. Mashable‘s Tshirt

Have you seen any startup t-shirts that you love? Please share!