Send branded swag gifts easily through Drift

drift now integrates with swag platform printfection

Printfection, the easy-to-use swag management platform, now integrates with Drift! You can use Printfection to easily send someone a branded gift with your company’s logo on it right through the Drift application. We’ll quickly cover how it all works in this short article below! What is Printfection and how does the Drift integration work? Printfection…

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Online company stores: the ultimate guide

online company swag store example

Your employees are your greatest asset. So how can you reward them and give them the tools necessary to succeed in their roles—all in a way that’s scalable and headache-free? Give them access to high-quality, on-trend branded swag via an online company store. With an online company store, employees, sales reps, (and potentially even customers)…

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The 20 best company swag ideas for 2020

a branded pot, an example of solid company swag

When was the last time you were excited to get a company’s swag? These days, it seems that many companies fail to realize that their swag is a prime opportunity to engage with employees, clients, and prospects alike. It provides a chance to build meaningful relationships, create memorable experiences, and encourage team building and togetherness.…

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25 corporate gifts they won’t forget

osaka bento box, an awesome corporate gift

In business, gift-giving can transform a relationship. Your thoughtful, well-timed gifts can convey trust, gratitude or hospitality. They can express apologies or condolences. To support an on-going business relationship, you want your gifts to be not only memorable and thoughtful, but also consistent with your company brand and ethos. Gifts can also be a powerful…

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Work from home swag ideas

useful work from home swag on a desk

What a strange world we find ourselves in today. As of this writing, COVID-19’s global spread has infected hundreds of thousands and forced millions to seek shelter in their homes. For many who still have jobs, working from home has become virtually mandatory. The need to engage and communicate remotely has arguably never been greater.…

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Swag bags: The ultimate guide

printfection box

  It’s 2020, and if you’re a marketing director or HR professional looking to be competitive in your field, you best be bringing your swag A-game! Whether sent as surprise gifts, handed out at registration, or given out by sponsors to attendees, swag bags are industry standards and set the tone for attendees. Include a…

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Five eco-friendly swag ideas

The next time you buy promotional products, consider these eco-friendly swag ideas! Your recipients, and the environment, will be sure to thank you. You can view each item in our swag catalog to get more detailed information and pricing. Also, read this response from the gang at Commonsku to an article written by Elizabeth Segran…

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How to measure event success

how to measure event success

So you’ve decided to attend or sponsor some events. (Or if you haven’t, read this to figure out if a trade show is even worth it). But now you’re wondering how to measure event success or ROI. Or perhaps you’re unsure of events altogether because you’re uncertain if you can even reliably measure success. I’m…

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Custom branded boxes: ideas and best practices


Want to make an outstanding first impression? Whether you’re sending a welcome kit to a customer, a new hire kit to an employee, or a coffee mug kit to a key prospect, custom branded boxes work wonders. And when it comes to the overall design and direction, you have myriad options. We recommend exploring thematic…

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Are trade shows worth the cost?

are trade shows worth the cost? Image of Printfection booth

I answered this question on Quora and wanted to give it a more in-depth treatment here. I’ll share why trade shows are absolutely worth the cost — and give some real results we achieved from SaaStr Annual back in February. First off, not all events are equal. You need to thoughtfully vet them. Some good…

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Event planning dos and don’ts: What we learned from SaaStr Annual

Event planning is no joke. We just attended our first major conference earlier this month, SaaStr Annual in San Jose. Such an amazing show! We’re grateful to declare it a success, but we definitely learned some valuable lessons along the way. We cover them in 3 areas: Pre-event planning During the show Post-event follow-up 1)…

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