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Custom branded boxes: ideas and best practices


Ryan Campion

July 15, 2019

Want to make an outstanding first impression? Whether you’re sending a welcome kit to a customer, a new hire kit to an employee, or a coffee mug kit to a key prospect, custom branded boxes work wonders.

And when it comes to the overall design and direction, you have myriad options.

We recommend exploring thematic branded box ideas that tie into your brand (whether that be travel, security, engagement software, etc).

Or, leverage your logo and company colors in a fun, unique way.

Here are a few examples with some best practices to boot!

Chrome River’s tactful branded box

chrome river's custom branded box idea leveraging their logo

Chrome River, a leading expense management and reporting platform, leverages kits to net meetings with prospects (a strategy Printfection leverages as well!)

We love their use of their brand colors, the bold logo front and center, and the attractive printing on the inside of the box.

For additional flair, they opted to customize their tissue paper, and have included several items tying to the theme of their particular campaign.

Travel-themed box

custom branded boxes with image of a beach for a travel theme

We created this travel-themed kit for a booking platform. We kept the outside plain and mysterious, and then popped a beautiful beach image on the inside.

The options truly are endless when it comes to creating engaging branded boxes! No part of the box is safe from the wrath of your creativity. 😉

Branded kit for lead gen

custom branded box with coffee mug and Starbucks gift card

For a more basic and cost-effective option, here’s our ‘coffee’ lead gen kit.

Regrettably this featured our old logo, but we have to give props to our co-founder Casey’s aunt for designing our original one! 🙂

We sent this to a very small, targeted ABM list of senior marketing decision makers and achieved a 30% response rate and several opportunities.

Everyone who responded had also ignored our many outbound email attempts, so the campaign proved direct mail kits can cut above the noise of digital channels.

The postcard includes some value messaging about our swag platform and asks for a meeting over coffee.

We included a high-quality, sturdy coffee mug (its powder coating feels incredible in the hands, and the lid can snap shut to prevent spills). We also offered a branded Starbucks gift card.

On the outside, we printed ‘I have swagger’ to induce intrigue, and obviously it aligns with what we do as a swag company in a fun way.

Tips for your branded box ideas and campaigns

It can be daunting to conceive of a cool box idea and actually bring it to fruition.

First thing, and I can’t stress this enough — really try not to agonize over your design and items.

Yes, put some thought into it. I absolutely recommend a team brainstorm or two, with maybe 3 or 4 relevant individuals.

But once you come up with a theme that makes sense for your business, don’t over think it.

Unless you’re running a vigorous AB test, you won’t know whether a particular design will perform better than another.

Honestly, just sending something will most likely get a great response.

In an era where decision makers get 100+ emails and are bombarded with ads daily, receiving something in the mail instantly stands out.

Try offering different items, or something really cool

If you’re going the distance with a slickly designed branded box, don’t just include a t-shirt.

Either go with a really cool, unique item, or include several, budget-friendly promotional products that fit your company mission or theme.

If you did just want to send a t-shirt, you can use a custom polybag which will make an impression and save you money.

Let us know if we can help!

Printfection’s customer success managers can help you build your branded boxes and share what’s worked for other clients.

Please contact us!

Does your company leverage a cool design?

Have you tried any themed-campaigns?

Leave a comment! 



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