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Send branded swag gifts easily through Drift

drift now integrates with swag platform printfection

Ryan Campion

October 20, 2020

Printfection, the easy-to-use swag management platform, now integrates with Drift!

You can now send branded swag through Driftprintfection swag management

You can use Printfection to easily send someone a branded gift with your company’s logo on it right through the Drift application.

We’ll quickly cover how it all works in this short article below!

What is Printfection and how does the Drift integration work?

Printfection is a swag management platform. What the deuce is that, you ask?

Simply put, we’re a swag technology and services company that creates, stores, and ships all your branded swag to customers, prospects, employees, office locations, and events (sigh, when those were still happening).

We have a unique Giveaway feature that lets you send a link to a recipient via email, social, or as we’ll discuss, Drift!

This Giveaway URL takes the recipient to a gifting landing page you can customize with your company’s branding and messaging.

On this page, you can offer any number of gifts from which the recipient can choose.

For example, let’s say you’d like to let them pick between a Yeti tumbler, a shirt, and a bluetooth speaker.

The user selects an image of the item they want, and then they enter in their own shipping address.

Once they hit ‘redeem,’ we handle all the shipping to them right from our fulfillment center.

If you’re offering a sized item, like the t-shirt in this example, the recipient can simply choose their size and then enter their shipping info.

(This is great as it means you don’t have to awkwardly ask someone personal questions about their size!)

How to use Giveaway links with Drift

Once you’re set up with a Printfection account and have items created and ready for us, the fun begins.

From within your Drift console, you can make use of private notes in a conversation to generate a new Giveaway URL from a campaign you have set up in Printfection.

Typing /note pf-giveaway will generate a new Giveaway URL.

The Giveaway URL will be presented to you in a private note. Notes are highlighted in yellow, and are not visible to the end user.

From here you can copy and paste the URL and use it in your conversation with the user.

And that’s how easily you can send swag through Drift.

a look at the integration of Drift and swag platform PrintfectionCommon use cases for swag giveaways

Why would you want to send a gift via Drift? There are many reasons.

Maybe your customer service team made a mistake and you want to make amends with a gifted apology.

Or, perhaps your SDR team is trying to secure a meeting and want to offer a swag gift as an incentive for taking a call.

Or, maybe you’re running an ABM campaign to key accounts, and you want to go the extra mile with the initial buyer experience.

Whatever the case, Printfection’s Drift integration makes it incredibly easy for your team to send gifts on the fly.

Check out this help article for more information on how you can easily set this up.

Or request a demo of Printfection here.

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Ryan Campion

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  1. Jeremy Lawson on February 15, 2021 at 11:50 am

    Great post, Ryan! Swag packs are the perfect way of catching the attention of your customers and employees. These personalized items not only help in acquiring more leads but also retaining more customers.

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