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Top 3 swag trends from PPAI Expo 2024

Three swag trends from PPAI Expo

Maritsa Redus

February 27, 2024

Our team once again made their annual visit to the PPAI Expo to get the latest intel on emerging swag trends and new merchandise. This event draws thousands of suppliers, promotional product consultants, and industry professionals from across the country.

As the promotional product industry’s largest event, the PPAI Expo provides an invaluable opportunity to see products upfront, get questions answered by suppliers, and keep up with new promotional products that can be utilized by companies for a variety of marketing and HR swag strategies. Read on to discover our top 3 trends from the show and a sample of our new favorite products for 2024.

New neutrals

The shift towards warm neutrals and earth-toned items signifies a departure from conventional black and white merchandise. This trend aligns with the growing appreciation for organic, natural aesthetics in branding. These items offer a versatile canvas for branding, appealing to a wide audience with their understated elegance.

Day Owl: The Backpack | Minimal on the outside, functional on the inside, sustainable all around. The Day Owl backpack is designed to carry you through your day, wherever it may take you.

Prodir: MM02 Medium Softcover Notebook | Its 160 pages offer plenty of space for detailed notes from your last meeting, while its dimensions (148.5 mm by 210 mm) make the MM02 small enough to not take up too much space on your desk or in your bag.

Moment: 2L Fanny Sling | This go-to fanny sling is comfortable, adjustable, and fits all your daily carry items. The seven different adjustment points mean the pack fit is highly customizable—it can even expand up to 4 inches to fit a windbreaker. Made of recycled materials with a double waterproof coating, the pack can handle all weather.

Elevated eco-friendly

This trend reflects a growing demand for eco-friendly promotional items that not only prioritize sustainability but also boast high-quality craftsmanship and design akin to top-tier retail products. These products cater to environmentally conscious consumers who seek both functionality and ethical manufacturing practices.

Native Union: Work From Anywhere Backpack | A slim, lightweight backpack made of 100% rPET, featuring organic cotton straps and plant-based leather accents. It comes equipped with various compartments and accessory holders, such as a key leash and hidden AirTag pocket. Fits up to 16” laptops.

Paper Shoot Camera | Paper Shoot’s groundbreaking paper camera, developed in Taiwan by our founder Geroge Lin, prioritizes simplicity and meaningful connections. Paper Shoot is a woman-owned business committed to an eco-conscious lifestyle, utilizing heavy stone paper made from inorganic mineral powder in their manufacturing process. This innovative approach saves trees, reduces pollution, and produces a more durable, water-resistant digital camera.

Graf Lantz: Medium Monstera Trivet | Using the finest Merino wool, Graf Lantz brings fun and style to everyday items. The big, broad, leafy green silhouette of a Monstera leaf is given a new life as a trivet for your dining table or workstation. “Grown” from 5mm merino felt, they’re sustainable, biodegradable, and renewable.

Host with the most

As people spend more time at home, functional swag items tailored for domestic use are gaining popularity. From kitchen gadgets to home entertaining tools, these products offer practicality and utility while seamlessly integrating into everyday life.

Dipster: IPX7 Waterproof Speaker | Meet Dipster, the 5-watt wonder that’s redefining portable sound. With IPX7 waterproof technology, it laughs in the face of rain, and it even works underwater. Dipster has rich crystal-clear audio and deep, resonant bass. This eco-friendly speaker is made of recycled materials and carbon neutral. As a bonus, Dipster’s retail inspired packaging turns into a desk organizer to minimize waste.

MEATER Block: 4-Probe Wifi Smart Meat Thermometer | Enjoy the ultimate BBQ experience with this premium smart meat thermometer. Features include a large WiFi range and four probes to be able to cook multiple proteins to everyone’s preference with different doneness levels.

Lowlands Whiskey Flight Tasting Set | This handsome portable whiskey bar features 4 glencairn style tasting glasses, a dignified acacia board featuring a Chevron pattern, 2 chalkboard wall edges for labeling, and a chalk stick for identifying your whiskey pours.


We hope you enjoyed this snapshot of new products and that it can help inspire swag ideas to implement in the coming year. As always, you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more about these options and get help with any questions.



Maritsa Redus

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