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How Digital Gift Cards Support a Versatile Gifting Strategy

How Digital Gift Cards Support a Versatile Gifting Strategy

Maritsa Redus

June 25, 2024

Digital gift cards are the perfect solution for those corporate gifting occasions that call for enhanced convenience, versatility, or speed. Printfection by Custom Ink, a leader in swag management and branded merchandise, has expanded our offerings to include digital gift cards and charitable donations alongside our promotional product catalog.

Why Use Digital Gift Cards?

Whether it’s for employee recognition, customer retention, or driving business growth, digital gift cards offer a convenient and impactful solution with many benefits:

Increased Convenience and Security: Digital gift cards can be purchased and delivered electronically, eliminating the need for physical cards and the risk of them being lost, stolen, or damaged.

Faster Delivery: Digital gift cards can be sent and received instantly, making them a perfect last-minute gift option.

Reduced Costs: Companies save money on printing, packaging, and mailing physical gift cards.

Sustainable: Digital gift cards eliminate plastic waste associated with physical cards, making them an eco-friendly option.

Available Worldwide: Tailor your gift card offerings to where your recipients are.

Donation Opportunities: Provide alternative options for your recipients to designate their gift as a charitable donation.

In summary, digital gift cards and donations are well-suited for:

  • Those up against a tight deadline
  • Those concerned about shipping to areas that are costly or unreliable
  • Those looking to instantly reward attendees of webinars, demos, or customer calls
  • Those looking for eco-friendly options
  • Those looking to provide recipients with the option to select what they want

Ideas to Leverage Digital Gifting for Your Business

Treat your recipients to a world of possibilities with a custom curated collection of eGift cards tailored to your campaign themes. Let’s explore some common use cases for digital gifting and how businesses can leverage this tool to achieve their goals.

Last-Minute Gifts: Digital gift cards are ideal for those unexpected life events or celebrations, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to show appreciation.

Team Building: Offer your employees food and beverage gift cards to cover the cost of a virtual employee lunch or happy hour gathering.

Incentivize Prospect and Customer Interactions: Reward your attendees with a gift card for joining a demo or check-in call, completing a survey, or participating in a referral program.

Boost Event Attendance: Encourage attendance at corporate events, trade shows, or virtual conferences by offering digital gift cards as incentives.

Customer Resources for Getting Started

Printfection by Custom Ink customers can find more resources with information about setup, delivery methods, and retailer options in our Help Center. See our Digital Gift Cards Overview and Digital Gift Cards Catalog, which include both domestic and international retailers.

Our Customer Success Team also hosted a webinar to provide insights and guidance for crafting a digital gift card campaign, which can be viewed here.

Ready to get started with digital gift cards? Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to explore how this versatile solution can work for you.

Maritsa Redus

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