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40+ Best Company Swag Ideas to Wow Employees & Customers

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Miellyn Barrows

June 27, 2024

40+ Best Company Swag Ideas to Wow Employees & Customers

If you’re looking for company swag ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Company swag is essential and can help your business in many ways, from employee onboarding and rewards to client and prospect gifts and giveaways. You want to ensure you aren’t missing out on all of the best opportunities for swag, and you know it’s especially important to choose items your recipients want. We’re here to help. We’ve rounded up a whole lot of company swag ideas just for you as well as tips for making your swag a smashing success.

Table of contents

What do I need to know about company swag?

Company swag ideas

New hire and onboarding swag

Tradeshow and event swag

Client gifts

Office swag

Travel swag

Self-care (health and wellness) swag

Home and entertaining swag

Outdoor swag

What do I need to know about company swag?

Whether setting up a table at a tradeshow or sending out holiday gifts, choosing the right swag is essential. Here are a few things to consider when choosing company swag ideas that are right for you.


You want to make sure that you get something that will last—as well as look good—for the long haul. Investing more upfront can ensure that your team members and clients love what they get and use the items. That is, the less time your custom products spend in a closet or a drawer, the better your chance of getting your name out there.


You want to pay attention to trends and make sure that you’re in line with them. Showing you and your company are with the times enhances your brand like nothing else.

Company Culture

Choose something that fits with your company ethos. Whether you’re all in on tech or big into saving the planet, you can also use that to inform your choices.


Speaking of saving the planet, eco-friendly products are having a moment, and that moment is not going to pass anytime soon. People love getting gifts and giveaways that have a positive impact so include this with your messaging when you send out your products.

When it comes to branding, less is more

Strategic logo placement can make your products look even more high-end. Explore different decoration areas, like a badge on a sleeve instead of a big logo in the middle of the shirt. Additionally, this will increase the likelihood of people wearing or using the products, which is great for you… and for them.

So now it’s time to get ready for some company swag ideas that can spark new thoughts for sending custom company swag.

Company Swag Ideas


New hire and onboarding swag

The first of our company swag ideas has to do with onboarding new employees. Onboarding is important. Strong onboarding can set an employee up for success and have a long-term impact on their satisfaction and longevity. So put together a welcome package with custom products with your logo to help them feel like part of the team from day one.

A great onboarding kit includes a few essentials:

A nice custom notebook and pen

Set them up right with the two biggest essentials for a fresh start: a new notebook coupled with a pen. The Libretto Journal features a beautiful tweed cover, dot grid paper that works for all sorts of note-taking styles, and an elastic pen holder perfect to keep track of a pen like our Prodir Sustainable Swiss Pen. It’s biodegradable and sustainably made, plus it has lead-free ink and lots of colors to choose from. All in all, it is a great new hire gift.

Company swag ideas gray fabric notebookblue and black click pens

  1. Libretto Journal (5.5″ x 8.25″) From $7.62 ea
  2. Prodir Sustainable Swiss Pen From $4.15 ea

A great custom water bottle

This water bottle features a strainer, allowing you to add fruit to infuse your daily water with a little kick. Its unusual handle and multiple color options, along with the minority-owned company’s give-back programs, make it a special addition to anyone’s hydration collection.

blue travel cup with bamboo lid and soft handle

  1. Elemental Iconic Bottle (20 oz) From $30.48 ea

A cool custom backpack

It’s so nice to have a branded backpack to tote to-and-from the office and to offsites. If it’s an especially good one, they’ll even want to use it on the weekends. The Osprey Proxima Backpack is sleek and stylish with a laptop compartment and oh so many pockets.

black backpack with padded straps

  1. Osprey Proxima Backpack From $102.48 ea

A comfortable custom hoodie

There’s something special about organic cotton. It’s not only extra soft but also environmentally conscious. Each of these Known Supply fair-trade hoodies features a tag that tells the story of the person who created it. There’s even a place on their website where you can send a thank you note to that person!

tan hoodie with kangaroo pocket

  1. Known Supply Organic Cotton Hoodie (Unisex) From $44.43 ea


Tradeshow and event swag

Products for trade shows and events, like branded tablecloths, banners, brochures, and giveaways such as stickers, tech accessories, and hand sanitizers, significantly boost business success at events. Overall, these items enhance booth appeal, increase brand visibility, and create lasting impressions. This strategic combination turns interest into connections, driving long-term business growth.

To make an eye-catching booth, you should have a few essentials:

Custom table covers

Show off your branding and add extra polish to that folding table. We particularly like the 8’ Table Throw for its versatility and extra thick material that is difficult to tear. Additionally, this cloth doesn’t require dry cleaning or ironing, meaning that you can throw it in a suitcase, and it will look as fresh as ever when you set it up.

black floor-length rectangular tablecloth

  1. 8′ Table Throw (4-Sided) From $194.67 ea

Custom retractable banners

Highlight your most important message right at the front of your booth. The Premium Retractable Banner will last up to 150 uses and has a no-curl fabric and streamlined construction, so you can be sure that your message, not the banner, is what’s getting all the attention.

multicolor vertical retractable banner

  1. Premium Retractable Banner From $316.60 ea

Custom brochures

Fill up your brochure with information you want potential customers to remember. Then, when they’re going through their backpacks at the end of the day, you can be sure to stand out from the crowd with something that’s both professional and eye-catching.

multicolor flyer

  1. Brochure/Flyer From $0.10 ea

Great giveaways

If you stock your table with especially cool custom products that people will want to take home with them and use, then your logo can travel far and wide. Not only will the person who uses the item think of you when they do, but others will also see your cool giveaways and want to know more about you!

We love wireless charging—it makes life so much easier. The Nimble Apollo Duo Wireless Dual Charging Pad will turbocharge one device or charge two at normal speed. It’s a handy desk accessory that many people will want to keep nearby all the time. 

Company swag ideas oval shaped charging pad with cord

  1. Nimble Apollo Duo Wireless Dual Charging Pad From $68.09 ea

Stickers with your logo are another great way of making a lasting impression. They’re easy to add along with your higher-value giveaways and simple to hand out to those just passing by the booth. We love the Custom Cut Flexible Wood Stickers because they’re so unusual, making them something that people will be more likely to hold onto.

wooden die cut stickers in multiple colors

  1. Custom Cut Flexible Wood Sticker From $2.04 ea


Client gifts

In today’s fast-paced business environment, creating meaningful connections with clients is more crucial than ever. Custom client gifts play an instrumental role in building and nurturing these relationships. They are also an essential part of any successful business strategy. By taking the time to pay close attention to your clients’ comments about their interests and hobbies, you can send a gift that shows you care about sending something they really want and will use.

Custom Drinkware

We love drinkware swag. Water bottles and tumblers encourage healthy hydration habits, while coffee mugs are great for taking that all-important caffeine on the go. Also, all are eco-friendly, reducing the use of single-use plastics. Durable and stylish, they keep beverages at the desired temperature for hours. Your clients will appreciate the practicality and your company’s commitment to sustainability. The Yeti Rambler Tumbler is from one of the most popular drinkware brands. It is durable, dishwasher safe, and designed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold until the last sip.

white yeti tumbler

  1. YETI Rambler Tumbler (20 oz) From $43.27 ea

Custom Headphones

A classic for a reason, wireless on-ear headphones from Beats have incredible sound and last a long time, making them great for on-the-go listening. Send them to clients who love tech or those who travel a lot, and, all in all, you’ll be sure to keep your brand in mind.

black Beats wireless headphones

  1. Beats Solo 3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones From $214.34 ea

Custom Travel Chargers

Make travel a snap with the Mophie Snap + Multi-device charger, which can handle up to four devices while also folding up neatly to get you going on the go.

folding wireless multi charger

  1. mophie Snap + Multi-device Travel Charger with MagSafe From $112.19 ea

Custom Weekend Bags

We hear that everybody’s working for the weekend, and you can enable their mini-breaks with a cool weekend bag. Water-resistant and equipped with compression straps, the sleek Rains Hilo Weekend Bag is just the ticket.

green duffel with short and long black straps

  1. Rains Hilo Weekend Bag From $112.00 ea

Home Bar Essentials

While we’re on the subject of weekend enhancements, we simply must talk about cool tools perfect for the home bar collection. If you want to send something particularly elegant, consider a wine kit like the Miir Wine Bottle & Tumbler Gift Set. Complete with two steel tumblers and a wine cooler, this set ensures your white wine stays cold for hours and that you won’t have any inconvenient mishaps with broken glass. For a spirits enthusiast, perhaps a jumbo wedge ice tray perfect for chilling their favorite liquor or cocktail.

white wine chiller and cupswhiskey triangular ice mold

  1. MiiR Wine Bottle & Tumbler Gift Set From $78.73 ea
  2. CORKCICLE Whiskey Wedge (4 oz) From $25.35 ea

Custom Golf Gear

Company swag ideas blue and white golf towel

  1. Slowtide Links Golf Towel From $27.83 ea 

Outdoor leisure items also make fantastic client gifts, and golf is the leisure sport of the moment. So a custom golf towel could be the perfect gift for that client who has a regular tee time. The Slowtide Links Golf Towel is made from 100% recycled microfiber polyester, featuring a super-absorbent waffle weave pattern. It’s perfect for keeping golf clubs clean and includes a metal carabiner clip for easy attachment to a golf bag.

Custom Plants

Incorporating wellness into tech-savvy gifts is a brilliant way to show clients you care. The W&P Hydropod is a stylish self-watering planter designed for growing herbs and microgreens in the office. It uses a passive hydroponic system, ensuring plants get the right amount of water and nutrients, making it an equally thoughtful and eco-friendly gift.

Company swag ideas white hydroponic planter with plant

  1. W&P Hydropod From $28.09 ea


Office swag

Custom Tech Accessories

Tech accessories enhance productivity and convenience therefore making them excellent corporate swag. The Bi-Fold MagSafe Travel Charging Station is a sleek, portable charger that folds easily for travel. It offers wireless charging for your phone, earbuds, and Apple Watch, all while packaged in a compact, deluxe gift box, perfect for busy professionals.

Company swag ideas folding magsafe charger in black

  1. Bi-Fold MagSafe Travel Charging Station From $37.38 ea 

Multi-functional tech accessories are invaluable in a modern office. The 4-in-1 Apple Watch Charging Cable streamlines your charging needs with connectors for various devices, ensuring that your Apple Watch and other gadgets are always powered up. It’s a versatile and practical gift for tech-savvy clients, prospects, and employees​.

Company swag ideas multi charger with four connections including apple watch

  1. 4-in-1 Apple Watch Charging Cable From $13.22 ea 

Good lighting is crucial for a productive workspace. The Happy Daylight Desk Lamp simulates natural daylight, helping to improve mood and focus. Its sleek design fits any desk, providing adjustable brightness to reduce eye strain and create an optimal working environment, making it an equally thoughtful and functional office gift.

And we’re only halfway through! Read on for more company swag ideas.

Company swag ideas bamboo and white desk light

  1. Happy Daylight Desk Lamp From $50.85 ea

Keeping workspaces clean is essential for efficiency and comfort. The Cordless Mini Desk Vacuum is a handy tool that effortlessly removes dust and crumbs from your desk. Its compact, cordless design makes it easy to use and store, making it an ideal addition to any office for maintaining a tidy workspace.

Company swag ideas black and white desk vacuum

  1. Cordless Mini Desk Vacuum From $18.12 ea

Custom Notebooks

Not every moment in our lives has to be high-tech. Sometimes, we need to inject a little analog back into our lives, and in that case notebooks are perfect for jotting down notes or ideas IRL.

Fortunately, the tech-enabled Rocketbook notebook offers the best of both worlds. Featuring 42 pages of templates, this reusable—erasable—notebook enables you to take photos of your writing and connect them to your favorite cloud services. This lets you use the pages again and again and access all of your thoughts at once online.

Company swag ideas black spiral reusable notebook with cleaning cloth

23, Rocketbook Reusable Fusion Executive Smart Notebook (6″ x 8.8″) From $39.20 ea

Then we have the Stone Paper Soft Bound Journal, which has low-tech technology: water-resistant paper! Perfect for people who get all their best ideas traversing the Nile River or just in the shower, this gift shows that you wish them all the adventures in the world.

Company swag ideas tan journal with elastic strap, pen holder, and ribbon bookmark

  1. Stone Paper Soft Bound Journal (5.5” x 8.5”) From $7.13 ea

We love the Cactus Leather Bound JournalBook for its unique components (it’s made from real cactus and bio-polyurethane), and it comes coupled with a bamboo pen, making it the ultimate in sustainable note-taking.

Company swag ideas black cactus leather journal with elastic strap, pen holder, and ribbon bookmark

  1. Cactus Leather Bound JournalBook Set (5.5″ x 8.5″) From $25.27 ea


Travel Swag

These kits are perfect for frequent travelers, ensuring they have essential items while promoting the brand. High-quality, practical kits show that the company understands the needs of its customers, providing convenience and value.

Travel accessories are essential for convenience on the go, making them excellent travel swag. The Pinch Provisions Mini Travel Kit is a compact solution designed to fit easily into your luggage or carry-on. It includes 12 must-have items such as stain remover, hand cleaner, ear plugs, an eye mask, lip balm, and more, ensuring you’re prepared for any travel mishap. This mini kit enhances in-flight comfort and is available in multiple colors, making it a practical and thoughtful gift for frequent travelers.

Company swag ideas travel kit with red case - includes eye mask, ear plugs, bandages and more

  1. Pinch Provisions Mini Travel Kit From $18.35 ea

Organizational travel accessories help keep essentials within reach. The elleven Versa Travel Pouch is a versatile and durable pouch perfect for storing tech gadgets, toiletries, and travel documents. Also, its multiple compartments coupled with its sleek design make it a convenient addition to any travel bag, ensuring everything you need is easily accessible while on the move. This travel pouch combines functionality with style, making it an ideal gift for clients and employees alike.

Company swag ideas black bag with dual zippers and strap

  1. elleven Versa Travel Pouch From $20.23 ea 

Charging accessories are crucial for staying connected during road trips. The Road Trip Car Charger features dual USB ports for charging multiple devices simultaneously. Its compact design fits seamlessly into any car interior, providing a reliable power source for smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. This practical accessory ensures that your devices remain charged and ready, making it a perfect travel companion and a valuable gift for clients or team members on the go.

Company swag ideas charger that fits a car lighter port

  1. Road Trip Car Charger From $20.02 ea 

Convenience accessories enhance the travel experience, and the Dip Trip Vehicle Sauce Holder is a fun and practical addition. Designed to fit into most car vents, this holder securely holds dipping sauces, making it easy to enjoy snacks without mess while driving. It’s an innovative and quirky gift that adds a touch of convenience and enjoyment to road trips, perfect for clients who appreciate unique and useful travel accessories.

Company swag ideas black sauce holder with prongs that fit car air vents

  1. Dip Trip Vehicle Sauce Holder From $3.15 ea


Self-Care (Health and Wellness)Swag

Promote health and wellness, showing that the company cares about employees’ and clients’ physical and mental well-being. Including various wellness items encourages employees to stay active and also manage stress, improving overall morale and productivity.

Custom Aromatherapy Diffusers

Enhance any workspace with calming aromatherapy. The Illuminated Essential Oil Wall Diffuser is an elegant option. It simply plugs in to fill the air with your favorite essential oils, promoting relaxation and focus. The built-in night light adds a soothing ambiance, making it a perfect addition to any office or home setup.​

Company swag ideas white diffuser that hangs on wall

  1. Illuminated Essential Oil Wall Diffuser From $30.78 ea

Custom Pickleball Sets

A custom pickleball set is the perfect stylish gift. Our RallyReady Pickleball Tote features ample storage for paddles, balls, and personal items, making it easy to transition from work to play. It has durable design and comfortable straps so you know it’ll be ready for any rally, promoting a balanced and active lifestyle.

Company swag ideas white bag with tan accents and short and long handles - paddle has own pocket on outside

  1. RallyReady Pickleball Tote From $61.86 ea

Custom Yoga Mats

Promote wellness and mindfulness with a yoga mat. Perfect for corporate wellness programs, our Cork Yoga Mat provides a non-slip surface for yoga, pilates, or stretching exercises. The natural cork material is both durable and sustainable, encouraging employees to integrate healthy habits into their daily routine.

Company swag ideas cork yoga mat with black bottom and elastic carry strap

  1. Cork Yoga Mat From $38.93 ea

Custom Theraguns

They will love you for this advanced percussive therapy device since it can help relieve muscle tension and stress, ideal for post-workout recovery or relaxation after a long day. Our Therabody Theragun Prime features customizable speed settings and ergonomic design, making it a premium self-care tool that can enhance overall well-being and productivity in the workplace.

Company swag ideas black massage gun with handle

  1. Therabody Theragun Prime From $285.37 ea


Home and Entertaining Swag


Custom Whiskey Flight Tasting Sets

A sophisticated whiskey tasting set is perfect for team celebrations or corporate gifts. Our version includes beautifully crafted glasses and a tasting board, allowing colleagues to enjoy a refined whiskey experience. It’s a great way to foster connections and unwind, promoting a culture of appreciation and relaxation.

Company swag ideas arched wooden glasses holder with four glasses

  1. Lowlands Whiskey Flight Tasting Set From $87.35 ea

Custom Tabletop Firepits

Create a cozy atmosphere with a tabletop fire pit, perfect for outdoor meetings or relaxation breaks. The compact design of the Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit makes it easy to set up on any table, providing warmth and ambiance, plus it comes bundled with a stand, carry bag, and starters, as well as your choice of mini wood or pellets. It’s a wonderful addition to corporate retreats or as a unique gift for valued team members.

Company swag ideas green tabletop solo stove with ring and stand

  1. Solo Stove Mesa Tabletop Fire Pit Bundle From $94.67 ea

Custom Serving Trays

Elevate office gatherings or client meetings with an elegant serving tray. Made from acacia wood and slate, the Covina Acacia and Slate Serving Tray is perfect for presenting snacks, cheeses, or hors d’oeuvres. The stylish design makes it a functional yet sophisticated addition to any corporate event or personal office space.

Company swag ideas wood and slate serving tray with handles

  1. Covina Acacia and Slate Serving Tray From $57.73 ea

Custom Aprons

Add a personal touch to team-building cooking events with a customizable apron. Featuring vibrant, full-color dye-sublimation, our version is practical as well as stylish. It’s an excellent way to promote company culture and make kitchen activities more fun and engaging.

Company swag ideas blue apron with red strings and front pockets

  1. Custom Dye-Sublimated Hot Pockets Apron From $18.26 ea


Outdoor Swag

Custom Speaker/Cooler Combos

Give them cold drinks and hot tunes! The innovative Igloo KoolTunes Cooler features high-quality cooling coupled with Bluetooth speakers, making it particularly great for corporate picnics or team outings. Furthermore, it keeps drinks cold and the atmosphere lively with integrated music, making it an essential item for enhancing outdoor company events.

Company swag ideas traditional red and white Igloo cooler with built in speakers

  1. Igloo KoolTunes Cooler From $239.98 ea

Custom Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Ideal for outdoor team activities or personal use, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker delivers powerful sound in any environment. The Rugged Fabric Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is durable, and its rugged design ensures it can withstand the elements in addition to promoting a fun and lively atmosphere wherever you go.

Company swag ideas blue speaker with strap

  1. Rugged Fabric Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker From $70.36 ea

Custom Portable Gas Grills

A compact, portable gas grill is perfect for corporate retreats, team-building BBQs, or personal use. Coming in at just over 12” high, the Cuisinart Petite Gourmet Portable Gas Grill’s small size surprisingly doesn’t compromise on grilling power. It makes it especially easy to cook delicious meals anywhere, encouraging social interactions and team bonding.

Company swag ideas red grill with folding legs

  1. Cuisinart Petite Gourmet Portable Gas Grill From $171.35 ea

Custom Camp Chairs

Finally, the last of our company swag ideas. Give them someplace especially great to sit with a custom camp chair. The Coleman Cooler Quad Chair equally combines comfort and convenience and features an integrated cooler pouch to keep drinks within reach. It’s perfect for outdoor events, providing a comfortable seating option that also enhances social gatherings and team spirit.

Company swag ideas red chair with pockets and cupholder

  1. Coleman Cooler Quad Chair From $61.47 ea

Get help managing your company swag

Choosing the best company swag ideas for you is all about picking a trendy, quality product that reflects your company’s culture. But that’s only the beginning: There’s also the issue of figuring out how to order, ship, store, and distribute your items. 

Let Printfection take the legwork out of your swag management process. Our team of experts reaches out to individual vendors and helps you select, manage, house, and ship your company swag. Ready to learn more? Request a demo today.

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