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4 swag trends reshaping trade show booths in 2024

4 swag trends reshaping trade shows

Hanan Polinovski

October 20, 2023

As seasoned participants of the trade show landscape, we understand the true value of swag as an essential tool in capturing attendees’ attention. It’s not about simply distributing cool freebies—it’s about offering items that encapsulate our brand message, inspire genuine interactions, and deliver joy. As we reflect on the noteworthy swag of 2023, our approach to swag must continually adapt to emerging trends.

As we gear up for 2024, it’s vital to notice and evaluate swag trends so we can better understand their potential impact. Here we’ll summarize four significant trends making a splash at booths, from leaning into local charm with themed gifts to championing sustainability with stone paper journals.

Curious about the swag that is transforming booths and amplifying brand narratives in 2024? Let’s dive in to see how these trends are set to define and elevate the trade show experience in the coming year.

1. Regional swag

Embracing local culture is a unique and impactful way to make your swag stand out. Infusing sports teams, heritage, or icons into your giveaways adds a personalized, fun spin to your booth. Not only does it immerse attendees into the host city’s spirit, but it sets your booth apart and drives traffic.

Imagine being in Boston and smiling at delightful lobster plushies with their playful nod to the seafood scene, or seeing a Longhorn plushie reflecting a beloved Texas football team. Furthermore, we can think outside the box by combining practicality with trends by giving away beanies at a winter event in New York.

Regional swag fosters conversation and provides a creative route to infuse local flavor into an attendee’s experience.

2. Practical swag

Offering practical swag means selecting useful mementos that attendees value because they seamlessly integrate into their routines, which in turn provides your brand with ongoing impressions.

Imagine attendees lighting a candle, with each spark reminding them of the interesting discussions at your booth. Or consider a tote bag, ideal for grocery runs or picnics, which keeps your brand within arm’s reach each day. And finally, reusable bottles are a great option that cater to a fundamental need, while also connecting your brand with sustainability efforts and resonating with eco-conscious consumers.

Practical swag effectively translates your brand into a familiar element of a prospect’s daily life. Attendees not only enjoy the thoughtful giveaways but also call to mind your brand through these tangible reminders. Over time, every candle, tote, or water bottle can trigger conversations and convert these interactions into new customers.

3. Impactful swag

People are becoming more environmentally aware and socially responsible today and the good news is that swag options are evolving along with this consumer demand. Impactful swag refers to items that highlight important causes, offer give-back programs, and promote sustainability.

One item that we recently gave away at an event was a premium stone paper journal that’s water-resistant and tear-proof. In addition to offering a high quality product, the company producing the journals is partnered with 1% For The Planet, so one percent of sales are donated to environmental nonprofits. As you select swag, we encourage you to be mindful of swapping a standard item for one that is more sustainable and charitable in its impact. This is a simple upgrade you can make that benefits the recipient and demonstrates your brand’s commitment to thoughtful purchasing.

For further reading on what to consider when choosing sustainable swag, check our guide to sustainable swag. You can also browse the Printfection swag catalog to find our curated eco-friendly and give-back promotional products. Within our catalog, we carry items that support many charitable organizations like Oceana, Rainforest Alliance, Shelter to Soldier, and more.

4. Valuable swag

There’s something special about walking away with a valuable item—swag that feels like a little luxury. Valuable swag rises above routine items like pens, socks, and water bottles and can be used to incentivize and reward specific engagements at your booth. Offering high-ticket items like speakers or coolers can bring in a lot of traffic, but it’s important to remember that “valuable” isn’t strictly about the price tag. It can also refer to items that evoke quality, exclusivity, or distinct design.

Valuable swag serves as a motivator, nudging attendees to engage positively with your brand, be it through signing up for a demo, completing a survey, or recommending your brand. Blending the elements of uniqueness, desire, and quality, you create a compelling attraction that sets your booth apart. The best way to consider valuable items is to ask yourself, “What is something I’d love to have?” A tentree cable blanket for attendees who schedule demos or a Courant charging tray for those who pre-book meetings onsite are two great examples.

Attendees will remember your brand not just for the swag, but for the extra effort you made to value their time and interaction. At the end of the day, a valuable item becomes a treasured keepsake of their experience, continually reminding them of your brand.


Ultimately, whether the swag at your booth features elements of regional charm, practical use, impactful causes, or high value, they should reflect your brand’s unique story. Balancing these categories in your swag strategy might feel daunting, but that’s exactly where Printfection steps in.

As an all-in-one swag management platform, our passion extends beyond just helping you order cool swag. We’re committed to extending your brand thoughtfully through swag and strategizing your gifting game. We make it simple to manage your swag inventory, ensure product quality, and distribute your gifts worldwide.

Our goal is larger than providing a platform—we aim to boost your brand’s visibility, engage your audience meaningfully, and create memorable connections at every interaction. This drives us to deliver not just swag, but a bespoke strategy for success, uniquely tailored to your brand.

Are you ready to level up your booth game at the next event and make a memorable impression with the perfect swag? Reach out and book a demo with us today!

Hanan Polinovski

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