I know you’re always working to spread the word about your company, so if you’re planning on hitting the road for an event, here are a couple tips to help maximize your impact while you’re there:

(via @yvonnesg)

  1. Plan ahead to connect with the right crowd: When you arrive at a new venue the amount of people can be overwhelming. Take some time before you get there to check out the list of attending companies and people. Strategically decide who you’d like to try to connect with and how. You might even reach out about having a quick meeting or grabbing drinks together.
  2. Stay on the same page as the rest of your company: Things can get hectic when you have employees attending different seminars and flying in from multiple locations. Be sure to create a way to easily communicate with across your company (so you know someone will be available to man your table from 12-1 or so you can let everyone know easily what time the shuttle is departing). My recommendation is sync up all your phones on a group texting service like GroupMe.
  3. Show off your swag at the event: You should definitely wear your own company’s threads while you’re at the event, but there’s only so much impact you can make alone. Be sure to brainstorm additional ways to promote your presence, like t-shirt giveaways. Then get your swag from Printfection ordered & delivered to your hotel.
  4. Map it out: Sometimes it can take longer than you’d expect to get between venues at an event. You should definitely create a schedule of the most important parties or sessions for your company and map out the walking distance between buildings you’ll need to be in, so that you don’t show up late.
  5. Drink drink drink while you’re there: No, not that kind. What I mean is, stay hydrated with water! Being on your feet all day and chatting it up can take more out of you than you’d expect.