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30 best corporate gifts for employees

scented candle, an excellent gift for employees

Ryan Campion

June 11, 2020

One way to make employees feel appreciated is to give them a gift. But we all know how tricky the process of gift-giving can be, especially for managers.

How much should you spend? What can you give that employees won’t throw away in a few months? Better yet, what gifts will they actually like and use?

And in the age of COVID-19, how do you ensure those gifts get to your staff if they’re working from home?

Not only will we explore those questions, we’ll also provide an awesome collection of gift ideas for every employee on your list.

Should managers give gifts?

Sure, it’s nice to acknowledge your team members for their hard work, but are gifts the appropriate recognition?

Some corporate cultures endorse gift-giving and employees may expect it to some degree. Plus, since your team is critical to your success, thanking them beyond paying their salary is a nice gesture.

However, there’s no universal mandate that managers have to give gifts to their staff. If you prefer to recognize and reward your team some other way, then go with what’s comfortable.

How much should managers spend on employee gifts?

How much to spend on an employee depends on your working relationship with them. For instance, some people might think that $50 is a comfortable amount to spend on their assistant.

However, for employees they don’t work with day-in and day-out, they might spend a bit less. Regardless of what dollar limit you settle on, spend a similar amount for each person on your team一it will be obvious if you’re playing favorites.

Still, no matter what your budget is, picking a gift for your employees can be daunting. Not to worry, we’ve put together a list of gift options for any employee, from pet-lovers and outdoorsy types to self-care enthusiasts and techies.

30 gifts employees will love


Tranquility 3-Piece Spa Scent Gift Set

branded spa bath balls

Everyone needs to relish in a relaxing soak once in a while. This set of three aroma bath balls diffuse the scent of lavender, milk, and citrus when they hit warm water. Help your employees create a calming, spa-like experience right in their home.

Merchant & Craft Ashton 15″ Computer Backpack

A sturdy backpack is a must-have for any employee. This Merchant & Craft backpack is offered in on-trend colors, has a 15” laptop sleeve, and multiple pockets. Built for a modern lifestyle, the backpack also protects your employees’ backs with padded shoulder straps and a grab handle.

Up Your Standard Desk Gift Set

This desk set is a winner for the most organized person on the team, with a matching pen cup, stapler, tape dispenser, tray, and three pens. Sets come in a multitude of colors that brighten (and tidy!) any workspace.

Osaka Bento Lunch Box

an osaka bento box, a really unique gift

Bring out your employees’ inner foodie by gifting them a traditional bento box that allows them to separate their meals and snacks, just so. The box and utensils are made from BPA-free plastic materials, plus the box has ventilation ports for microwaving food, making this an ideal gift for people who are always on the go.

Bella + Canvas Unisex 3/4 Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt

Baseball tees are a quintessential part of any employee’s casual wardrobe—they’re ideal for lounging around the house, playing sports, or running errands on the weekend. And this tee’s unisex style makes it a good gift for any team member. You can personalize it with a funny graphic or your company logo.

Scented Copper Rectangular Candle (5 oz)

scented candle, an awesome gift for employees

A candle can seem like a generic gift, but this one does not disappoint. This stunning copper-coated candle is available in 12 amazing scents that will enhance the ambiance of any room. These candles can burn for up to 26 hours, and you can customize the label for a thoughtful touch.

Beagle 2.0 Two-Way Bluetooth Tracker

We all know the frustration of losing a set of keys. Help spare your team members future vexations with this Beagle two-way bluetooth tracker. It sends alerts when someone leaves the house or workplace without their most important items.

Don’t fret about what kind of phone your employee has either—Beagle works with iOS and Android technology.

Rope Disc Toy

Calling all dog lovers! This toy will entertain your employees’ pups for hours. Although many dog toys are flimsy, this one is durable and fantastic for playing countless games of fetch.

RuMe Medium Tote Bag

Encourage eco-friendliness among your employees by gifting this tote bag. Choose from a variety of colors that will liven up their grocery store haul, trip to the dry cleaner, or gym class. These totes are lightweight, compact, and can hold your snacks, clothes, and water bottle with ease.

Powder-Coated Camper Mug (12 oz)

Whether your employee is a bonafide adventurer or loves curling up with a beverage and a book, this camper mug is a fabulous gift. It’s powder-coated finish makes it sturdy and practical for everyday use or out in the wild. With a swivel closure, your employees can keep their favorite drink extra hot or extra cold.

Fisher Chrome Bullet Space Pen

For the worker who can do it all, gift a pen that can do it all—write underwater, in extreme temperatures, upside down, or the classic rightside up. Plus, it’ll last a lifetime. The Fisher Pen ink cartridges last three times longer than the average pen, with a nearly 100-year shelf life.

NeoSkin Hard Cover Journal (5.5″ x 8.25″)

Bonafide writers in the office will be inspired by this gorgeous neoskin hardcover journal. It comes in 11 colors and has a gusseted interior pocket to store small documents or business cards. Make this an even more thoughtful gift with a personalized deboss imprint on the cover.

Ultra Slim Power Bank

Your employees never have to experience the agony of a dead cell phone again, with this ultra slim power bank. It has a USB output and micro USB input so that it can be charged nearly anywhere. Not only that, its sleek design makes it ultra-portable, too.

Catnip Toy

Cat lovers, rejoice—this cat toy entertains even the most aloof of felines. It comes in three vibrant colors and is filled with catnip to make your employees’ cats go nuts. The poly-cotton fabric is safe and long-lasting to keep your cat people and their kitties happy and healthy.

Wooden Stacking Zen Stones

In these stressful times, meditation is a great escape. On the days your employees really need to concentrate, these wooden zen stones can help your staff enter their most creative, focused, and meditative work state.

Wooden Frame Plastic Letter Board

Bring out your employees’ creative side with a plastic letter board. They’ll get a kick out of leaving fun notes for their coworkers, family, or friends. This particular board has a whitewashed wood frame and comes with white plastic letters that match any decor.

h2go Bali (18 oz)

h2go bottle, a unique branded gift for employees

Most people don’t drink enough water during the day. This borosilicate glass bottle will serve as a beautiful reminder to all of your employees to take a sip. With its bamboo lid and silicone sleeve, your employees can meet their water intake requirements in style.

Cinema Light Box

Similar to the wood frame board, the cinema light box allows employees to create their own messages. This perfect desk accessory contains 60 letters and symbols, and includes three AAA batteries. Give this cinema light box and watch your employees light up their desk space.

Bamboo Wireless Charging Pad

You can never have too many chargers, and this one is too chic to pass up. The Bamboo Wireless Charging Pad is an elegant desk accessory that charges devices without cluttering up desks, thanks to its innovative wireless technology.

Cork Wine Set

Food and wine sound like fantastic gifts, but there are a few things to consider, like allergies and dietary restrictions. Avoid any missteps with items that complement treats and beverages—like this faux cork wine set. With a corkscrew bottle opener, cork accented foil cutter, cork-accented wine stopper and pourer, all your employees need to do is add wine!

Mamba Whiskey Stone Sets

This classy stone set is for any employee who savors a terrific whiskey. These stones will keep their whiskey cold without watering it down. Plus, the stones come in a classy velvet bag paired with an engraved wooden box sure to impress any coworker!

Vale Wifi Speaker with Amazon Alexa

Music is a great way to add some flair to a party, or let loose at home. Vale wifi speakers integrate with Amazon Alexa and any other Alexa-enabled products. On top of that, this speaker is compatible with iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, and Tunein. Your employees can jam out to their favorite songs for up to five hours on a single charge.

Aluminum Media Stand

This media stand helps employees video chat with their friends and family without exhausting their arms. The stand keeps cell phones and tablets at the perfect angle for chatting with loved ones, reading, or watching videos. It also has both anti-slip pads to prevent devices from sliding and a cutout to facilitate charging during use.

Two-Tone Malibu Sunglasses

Give your most stylish employee these trendy, durable sunglasses. The shades come in 12 colors ideal for any beach day and provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Plus, they’re made of tough polycarbonate material, so they’ll hold up nicely against everyday wear and tear.

Oasis Massage and Recovery Kit

The fitness guru of the office deserves this massage and recovery kit. Help your active employees take a load off after their workouts with a muscle roller stick, solid ball, and spikey ball all stored in a convenient bag. Each item increases blood flow, prevents injury, and reduces muscle pain.

Strength Resistance Band Set

This strength resistance band set will help employees who regularly travel stay fit on the go. Three exercise bands are packed in a nylon mesh pouch that fits into any size roller or duffel bag. Each band has different resistance weights so your employees can stick to their workouts, even on their work trips!

Touchscreen Activity Gloves

touch activity gloves, a great corporate gift for your staff

If you live in a seasonal climate, your office mates will put these touchscreen activity gloves to good use. Wearers can change the song on their phone or shoot a quick text, even when it’s bitingly cold out. These gloves also feature a water-resistant shell and silicone palm for a better grip.

Sportsman Unstructured Dad Cap

You can’t go wrong gifting your employees a comfortable baseball cap. This 100% cotton hat comes in 14 colors and has sewn eyelets to keep its wearer cool. Don’t worry about sizing—the tri-glide buckle closure in the back makes this cap one-size-fits-all.

Moleskine® Volant Lined Large Journal (5″ x 8.25″)

These days, most people take notes on their computer, but there are some who still prefer to take notes by hand. Delight them with this slim, light Moleskine containing ruled, acid-free paper. The last few pages are perforated, in case they need a loose sheet.

Roma Wireless Charging Padfolio (6″ W x 8″ H)

There always seems to be an employee who lugs their charger, notebook, and phone everywhere. Free up their hands with this nifty charging padfolio.

It has the usual designated spaces for a pen, journal and credit or business cards. But, it also features a power bank with wireless charging capabilities and a front pocket for storing devices as they charge. In addition, the padfolio includes a 3-in-1 charging cable and a 60-sheet, refillable journal.

Find the best employee gifts with ease

Getting your employees the perfect gift is a challenge. While this list makes it easy to find the right gift, the intermediary steps between finding it and actually giving it to your employees can be a pain: finding reputable, affordable vendors; dealing with supply chain and shipping issues; handling customization and fulfillment; etc.

Save yourself that headache by using Printfection, an online platform that helps organizations buy and manage company merchandise. We work closely with respectable vendors to source high-quality, on-trend swag for any budget, and we house that swag so you don’t have to. Plus, users can monitor their products and inventory, initiate customer rewards and drop shipping, and publicize giveaways all in the same tool. Request a demo to start managing your swag—hassle-free—today.

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