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Sales kick-off swag: best ideas and planning tips for 2024

Sales kick-off swag_best ideas and planning tips for 2024

Maritsa Redus

January 9, 2024

The start of a new year often heralds sales kick-offs (SKOs), important events that set the stage for success. It’s more than just a meeting; it’s an opportunity to align goals, motivate teams, build relationships, and foster a shared vision for the year ahead. This year, make your SKO unforgettable by incorporating customized swag from Printfection by Custom Ink.

Understanding the power of sales kick-offs

Sales kick-offs are pivotal moments that bring together sales teams to strategize, learn, and build connections. They serve as a launchpad for the upcoming year, aligning everyone with the company’s vision and goals. Creating an engaging atmosphere during SKOs is essential to inspire and energize your salesforce.

Why swag is a game-changer

Custom swag can transform your SKO from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s not just about fun freebies; it’s about creating a memorable experience and using tangible, branded items to visually unify your team. When attendees receive personalized items, it fosters a sense of belonging and excitement, reinforcing your company culture. Printfection’s swag management software makes the entire process seamless, from idea to execution.

Swag ideas for sales kick-offs

Branded apparel: Start with apparel to ensure that your sales team is outfitted properly to represent your brand when interacting with prospects in person or on video calls. Consider providing high-quality polos and sleek jackets for a professional touch. Your sales reps are often the initial point of contact that potential customers have with your brand so offering a uniform or cohesive apparel options makes a strong first impression.

Daily essentials: Notebooks, wireless chargers, and noise-canceling headphones aren’t just great gifts — they’re tools that integrate seamlessly into a salesperson’s daily routine, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Premium travel accessories: For sales teams that travel often, swag products like backpacks, laptop sleeves, and insulated drinkware are a smart choice.

Wellness gifts: If budget allows, consider gifting unique specialty items that encourage employee wellness and offer a gesture of care. Some ideas include a Theragun mini, a candle or plant to enjoy at their desk, a cozy blanket, or an Ember mug to keep beverages warm.

Sales kick-off swag examples

For some swag inspiration, take a look at the following Printfection customer examples of SKO swag bundles.

Workato curated a great assortment of apparel, drinkware, and accessories for their team to enjoy at their “Level Up” SKO in 2024. The Carhartt Gilliam Jacket is a stylish classic and the Perka Altair Stainless Steel Water Bottle is an excellent sustainable, high utility item. Additionally, they gifted a lip balm, enamel pin, and sticker along with a Bagito Original Reusable Shopping Bag to help carry the items. All the swag items featured cohesive gamer style designs to tie in the theme and create a memorable event.


Our customer ScienceLogic designed their swag bundle around a music concert theme for their team’s recent SKO titled “Amplify.” They provided a custom full-zip hoodie, a JBL Go 2 Bluetooth Portable Speaker, and a Next Level Sueded Crew T-Shirt with a fun concert tour design that incorporated the locations of their international team.

Additional tips for creating sales kick-off swag

Request input from your sales team: Involve your sales team in the selection process of new swag and invite feedback. What are their most used swag items? What apparel or accessories would be most helpful in their day to day? Perhaps you narrow down your top swag choices and then ask for their opinions and favorites. Getting buy-in from your team ensures their preferences are understood and that your team will receive true value from the branded items you invest in.

Offer surprise swag: On the flip side, you may want to consider choosing a surprise swag item for your team. These can be used to add a fun surprise element to the occasion, reward team-wide achievements, or recognize top sales reps. Additionally, they can be given as prizes during team brainstorms or other activities to encourage performance.

Consider brand alignment: Do you need to consider the sustainability of the item? Does the item itself align with the culture of your organization? Always evaluate your swag choices to ensure that the final product will fit your brand identity.

Utilize swag management software and merchandise expertise: If you’re looking for a partner to help save you time and money on swag management, then Printfection’s turnkey platform would be a great fit. We help customers easily create, store, and send unique branded merchandise. Our team of swag experts help to implement your swag strategy and advise on best practices, and recommend on-trend products.


For more information on how to elevate your sales kick-off with custom swag, contact Printfection at One of our swag experts will be in touch soon to discuss your vision and answer any questions.


Maritsa Redus

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