Let’s end the week with something easy on the eyes, shall we? Check out these awesome startup threads, found through a quick search on the Internet:

1. Path’s t-shirt

This shirt shows a range of emotions, making it fun and elegantly simple. Definitely more exciting than just featuring a company logo.

via Robert Scoble

2. SeatGeek’s t-shirt

What a happy shirt! It’s a great way to show off their company while creating an image people find agreeable.

via SeatGeek

3. TinyPay’s t-shirt

Lovin’ the robot spunk which will totally resonate with the digital crowd.

via TinyPay

4. Glomper’s t-shirt

This shirt features a funny phrase with an eye-catching creature- making the people wearing it feel awesome. It’s all about the customer.

via Glomper

5. Rackspace’s t-shirt

By featuring a product benefit Rackspace effectively speaks it’s audience’s language.

via Rackspace

6. Weekenture’s t-shirt

This fun shirt makes me curious about what the service has to offer. I like the design’s whimsical flow.

via Weekenture

7. TaskRabbit’s t-shirt

Love how they included the adorable bunny mascot. Makes the shirt super cute, while also practical because it includes the tagline too.

via TaskRabbit

8. Play.fm’s t-shirt

Charcoal looks good on everyone; great color choice.

via Homard

9. Bump’s t-shirt

It’s nice that this shirt includes a clear graphic showing what their product does- instead of spelling it out in words.

via Homard

10. Disqus t-shirt

Great use of contrasting light and dark colors to help these shirts stand out in a crowd.

via Disqus

Do you have a favorite? Share any startup t-shirts you’ve spotted!

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