Printfection's Customer Experience

Walkthrough how Printfection will work for your company.


It starts with Onboarding

You'll talk with our account management team about how Printfection's platform can work with your current approach, and, where you see using swag in the future.

Onboarding Checklist

  • How do you currently use swag?
  • What swag do you want to offer, what's popular, what's in your budget?
  • What is your immediate timeframe?
  • Are there other company initiatives do you want to solve with swag?
  • Where do you see your swag marketing heading over time?

Once this initial plan is laid out, you sign-up for Printfection and use our online catalog to choose your items.

We offer tons of product options, plus we're familar with the coolest swag and printing methods. We'll can help find something that fits your goals and budget.

Your success is our biggest focus. We will always provide you with the best products and customer support.
Pricing Pricing Mac

On to, Pricing

Printfection's pricing breakdown is straightforward.

Monthly Plan: You pick the monthly plan that works best for your usage — this gives you access to our online platform, inventory storage, and fulfillment.

Products: You buy products in bulk, when you buy more quantity you pay less per item.

Fulfillment: Each shipment has a fulfillment fee that includes picking, packing, and quality control.

Shipping: The actual cost of shipping your swag.


Next up, Products

Printfection gives you control when it comes to choosing what swag you want to order:

Online Proofs: Before placing orders you will get to review online proofs of your products.

Orders & Restocking: Product orders are easily placed online, you can restock any time you run low on swag.

Inventory Tracking: It's easy to see exactly how much inventory you have at any time.

Weekly Status: We'll send you a summary email of your inventory and account usage every week.

Pricing Shirts

On to, Distribution
Getting your swag into the wild

The power of Printfection's platform is in the set of online tools we offer to help distribute your swag.

Distribution Tools

  • Gift redemption landing pages (easily collect sizes & addresses)
  • Drop Shipping (send a box of swag anywhere in the world)
  • Event packing (shirt are rolled and organized by size)
  • CSV Import (supports Shopify)
  • Salesforce and Marketo integrations

Your product inventory is used behind the scenes for all of these campaigns. No separate one-off orders needed.

Swag Marketing Distribution Example

Buy inventory
of 200 t-shirts

Give 100 shirts as
anniversary gifts

Ship 80 shirts
to an event

Giveaway last 20
shirts on Twitter

Re-up with
500 more t-shirts

International Shipping

Now, it's on to logistics
Fulfillment & Shipping

All placed orders (that are pulled from existing inventory) will ship within 1-business-day.

For events, Printfection can deliver on a specific day that you request, you just pay shipping.

Also included, we offer the ability to drop-in small items: such as stickers, pens, and bottle openers.

For our Enterprise customers that want something with a bit more wow factor, we can help build the perfect Gift Box for your VIPs.

As for shipping, we offer international shipping to over 200 countries. And we complete all customs paperwork.

TeamSnap Customers

Plus, we provide
End-User Support

Printfection has a dedicated customer service team for returns, exchanges, and address changes.

We handle all exchanges from the customer service to the free shipping.

Your reputation is our reputation, our focus is on your brand and making sure your users are happy.

Innovative companies trust Printfection
to swagify their brand.

Just some of our great customers!

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