Because you're ready to use swag
as a real marketing weapon.

Dear Potential Customer,

Swag is no longer something to just hand out now and then. It's become an innovative way to deliver marketing ROI.

The problem is, the tools have never been there to let you take swag marketing seriously. The process has always been manual.

Here at Printfection, we've finally changed that. Our platform will change the way your company uses swag. And, it will stop costing you and your team so much time.

Casey Schorr, Co-Founder

Because growing your brand, grows your business.

Printfection solves your swag marketing needs, with one simple monthly price.

Unique Swag

Available Storage

Fulfillment Charge



2 items
500 max total qty.
$3.00 per shipment



8 items
4,000 max total qty.
$2.75 per shipment



15 items
15,000 max total qty.
$2.50 per shipment



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Account Service

Dedicated Account Manager
No Set-up Costs
Use Your Existing Swag to Start
Customer Support & Exchanges

Products & Printing

Hundreds of Quality Products
Variety of Printing Methods
No Printing Set-up Costs
Shipment Updates & Tracking


Online Inventory Management
One-Click Replenishment
Custom Branded Giveaways
Customer Address Collection
Marketing Software Integration
CSV Address Import
Customer Reporting
API Access    
Shopify Integration      

Fulfillment & Shipping

International Customs & Handling
Fully Insured
Free Shipping on Returns
Event Packing
Gift Packs    

Compare the cost of Do-It-Yourself to Printfection

A swag marketing campaign with 500 items Two-Color American Apparel T-Shirt
Campaign Costs: Gifts Pricing
Shipping & Fulfillment Collecting
Reports &
Support &
Do-It-Yourself $4,330 $0 $675 $650 21 Hours$7,685 75 Hours$1,875 3 Hours$75 7 Hours$175
Printfection $4,940 $999 $0 $0 $4,429 $0 $0 $0
Cost of time based on $50,000/yr salary (~$25/hr)
Cost of storage space based on $45.00/ft in San Francisco
Total Amount Saved:per campaign 106 Hours $5,097

Frequently Asked Questions

How do these Pricing Plans work?

You pay a flat monthly price to use Printfection's online swag marketing platform.

This platform is backed by a network of product vendors, printers, and fulfillment centers that provide a full-service swag solution.

What other costs are involved?

Your only additional costs are as follow:

  • Product Price — The cost of the actual products.
  • Fulfillment Charge — A flat-rate handling charge per shipment.
  • Shipping Cost — A calculated cost for each shipment you send.

How will you bill me?

Your account credit-card will be billed monthly based on the day you sign up.

Am I locked in?

No, you have the flexibility to upgrade your plan or stop using Printfection at any time.


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ZenDesk Shirt

Companies are doing all kinds of swag marketing.

About time you started, right?

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Printfection Platform

Managing swag is hard, and it only gets harder as you grow. More products, more boxes, more post-office trips.

At Printfection we scale with you, so it's just as easy in the future as it is today.

It's all in the app, you manage everything right from your laptop. From buying inventory to running campaigns.

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It's not just time and money. It's peace-of-mind and trust.

Tons of Quality
Product Options

A Dedicated
Account Manager

International Shipping

Free Samples
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Amazing Support
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Compare Pricing on a Few of Our Popular Products

American Apparel Men's T-Shirt

1,000 Shirts

  • 2 Color Print (Front)
  • 100% Jersey Cotton
  • Screen Printed

$9.42 ea

h2go® Pure 18oz

500 Bottles

  • 2 Color Print
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • High Quality, Solid Feel

$12.74 ea

Stickers & Decals

1,000 Stickers

  • Full Color
  • White Vinyl
  • Die Cut (4" × 1.5")

$1.05 ea

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