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Dear Potential Customer,

Before we dive into the numbers let's take a second to talk about the real-world. In the real-world swag marketing costs more than the price of a t-shirt. It costs your team a lot of time. It's distracting. And there's always something more important to do.

How much is your time worth?
How much is a loyal and reliable partner worth?
How much easier would it be if you were using Printfection?

A lot, right? We think so too.

Casey Schorr, Co-Founder

Because you're ready for the smarter solution.

Grow your business while reducing overhead on you and your team.

A typical Printfection customer campaign, 500 items
Campaign Costs: Products Collecting
Shipping Reports &
Support &
Savings with Printfection $-975 75 Hours$1,875 $650 25 Hours$625 6 Hours$185 3 Hours$75 7 Hours$175
Total Amount Saved:per campaign 106 Hours $2,610

Cost of Products

CustomInk Printfection
$4,954 $5,920

500 American Apparel T-Shirts
Front two-color print

Total Savings: $-975.00

Cost of Collecting Addresses

Total Savings: 75 Hours $1,875.00

Cost of Packing Materials

  • Boxes & Envelopes
    $1.10 ea
  • Address Labels
    $0.20 ea

With Printfection there's no charge for materials.

Total Savings: $650.00

Cost of Packing Labor

  • Stuffing Packages
    2.5 min per package
  • Attaching Labels
    30 sec per package

With Printfection we pack everything for you.

Total Savings: 25 Hours $625.00

Cost of Shipping

  • Post Office Trips
    6 hours
  • Domestic Shipping
    $5.70 ea × 400
  • International Shipping
    $23.50 ea × 100

Guaranteed Shipping Domestic, $8.49 ea International, $10.49 ea Printfection pays customs and imports!

Total Savings: 6 Hours $185.00

Cost of Reports & Tracking

  • Tracking Spending
    1 hour
  • Tracking Inventory
    2 hours

With Printfection see live inventory and spending.

Total Savings: 3 Hours $75.00

Cost of Support & Returns

  • Delivery Issues: no delivery, bad address, etc.
    2 hours
  • Returns: wrong size, wrong item, etc.
    5 hours

Printfection handles all support and delivery issues.

Total Savings: 7 Hours $175.00

Total Savings
per campaign

  • 106 Hours
    More than two full-time work weeks
  • $2,610.00
    Enough for a year supply of beer for the office
* Time value based on a $50,000/yr salary ($25/hr)
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