About Us

Based out of Denver, Colorado

We're out to revolutionize the 100 year-old promotional products industry.

Companies use our full-service platform to handle the printing, inventory management, and distribution of their swag — instead of stuffing envelopes, storing boxes of merchandise, and running to the post office.

Who's behind the scenes?

Casey Schorr Co-Founder

The visionary behind Printfection's swag management business, Casey hails from the flat, frozen tundra of Wisconsin. He keeps Printfection focused on where the ball is going, not where it is today. Casey loves to question, innovate, and disrupt.

"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." —Steve Jobs

Kevin Materi Co-Founder

The Captain Jack Sparrow of Printfection, Kevin steers the ship and manages all hands on deck. He is the mastermind behind Printfection's business approach, technology platform, printing network, and fulfillment workflow.

"It’s only work if somebody makes you do it." —Calvin & Hobbes

Bruce Clark

Product & Marketing

A lover of great experiences and happy customers: Bruce designs, builds, refines, and markets the entire product experience at Printfection. On the side Bruce enjoys good people, a competitive game of chess or pool, and a nice scotch.

Lisa Adams

Merchandising & Design

Always on top of the latest trends, Lisa is mastermind behind Printfection's merchandise offering and swag design presentation. Outside of work you'll find her rocking to the Bee Gees with a volleyball in hand.

JJ Powell

Customer Success

Passionate about delivering an amazing Customer Experience, JJ spends his time at Printfection ensuring that you get more than you paid for. When he's not talking to customers, JJ enjoys playing music and discovering new breweries.

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