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Effortlessly send swag to events

Boxed swag, sent right to your booth and the t-shirts inside are labelled by size

Girl struggling to manage several boxes filled with event swag

Problems managing your event swag?

Stop wasting time storing, organizing, and boxing shirts

Spend less time managing vendors

Never fill another customs form or struggle with international shipping

Say hello to the Printfection swag marketing platform

Box of neatly rolled and labeled t-shirts event managers can drop ship to events worldwide

Perfectly rolled, size-labelled t-shirts from heaven

Stop wasting time storing, organizing, and boxing shirts! Printfection stocks, rolls, and sorts your apparel. Each shirt wrapped with an easy-to-read size band.

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Stop spending time managing multiple event swag vendors. Printfection can be your single source to print, store, and ship all of your promotional products. Or continue to use your existing vendors and ship into our fulfillment center.

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A surprise gift to bring cold leads back to life or engage event attendees
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Focus on your events - not products, quantities, arrival dates. Log in, view inventory, and create an order. Pick a guaranteed arrival date and your destination, anywhere worldwide. We make sure your swag arrives on-time to over 200 countries across the globe.

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"Printfection has alleviated the pain for SendGrid when ordering shirts. The online system makes it easy for our team to go on and order product directly. Our team gets the product they need when they need it, and we have an accurate count of our inventory."

Tim Gray, Event Marketing Manager at SendGrid

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See just how Printfection's swag marketing platform can solve your event swag needs. From printing to fulfillment, we know the ins-and-outs of the swag business!