How Printfection Compares

How does Printfection compare
to traditional swag companies?

Learn about the various types of swag companies and why Printfection is different

1) Traditional promotional products distributors

These old school promo product companies operate like it's still the 50s. They're essentially manufacturers that are "doing swag" but are missing key features like storage and fulfillment. Their services are very light (essentially printing & shipping) and cheap.

Printfection is vastly different from these companies. Our platform lets you create the swag you want, but we'll store it and fulfill it for you — to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Factory used by typical old school swag companies

2) Custom t-shirt & swag websites

These aren't much more advanced than traditional product suppliers, but they have built websites where you can design your own t-shirts and basic items like drinkware. There isn't a lot of customer service offered.

At the end of the day, you're still just getting a box of shirts or mugs shipped to an event or your office. If you want to run swag campaigns to prospects or customers, you'll have to pack and ship those out yourself.

3) Basic swag fulfillment vendors

These swag companies make merchandise, store it, and handle basic shipping. But they still lack technology. There's generally no online portal where you can manage your inventory or send out swag campaigns.

You'll have to send numerous emails and call your vendor often in order to get things done. Some of these companies specialize in storefronts, food, gift cards, etc.

But these are not true swag experts. They don't provide a seamless platform to manage all things swag like we do.


Packed boxes being sent out by a basic merchandise fulfllment company

Then there's Printfection. At last, swag made easy

We enable you to manage your swag yourself in a powerful platform. Get your logo and artwork on thousands of items, create custom kits, and we handle shipping to anywhere or anyone you'd like.

We back it up with a dedicated Customer Success team who shares best practices for being more successful with swag and helps you build a strategic swag plan.

We provide world-class operations support and advanced reporting. You get real-time access into your inventory and can finally understand swag usage and spend.

We help you manage and deliver swag at scale, saving you tons of time (and money).


But that was a lot of words. May we show you how we're different?

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