Printfection Case Study – New Relic increases MQLs by 30%

New Relic used Printfection to increase marketing qualified leads 30%

Do you get lots of signups, but not enough qualified leads?

In this case study you’ll learn specific methods for motivating signup after signup to take the desired actions that automatically qualify them as a sales-ready lead.

Even wildly successful venture-backed startups like New Relic have trouble getting new signups to take action. Their marketing team was already crushing it, but they knew, somehow, there was a way to get more signups to download and install the New Relic agent – required for New Relic to function – and a required step before the lead was considered sales-ready. New Relic got in touch with Printfection, as they realized t-shirts might be able to do the trick.

A completely automated solution

New Relic came to us even though they already had an extremely successful marketing strategy in place. They asked if we could help grow their business even further. Together, we’ve engineered a completely automated system that delivers 30% more leads, day after day. In this case study we’ll reveal the inner workings of the t-shirt marketing campaign New Relic launched and show you how to turn more signups into paying customers, automatically.

New Relic company logo

About New Relic

Founded in 2008, New Relic is an Application Performance Management company based in San Francisco. They sell to software developers, offering a tool to pinpoint and solve performance issues in Ruby, Java, .NET, PHP and Python apps.

How “data nerd” shirts turned into a full-blown movement

New Relic created a “data nerd” shirt (above) appealing to their techie customers. Because the data nerd shirt is about the customer (NOT about New Relic) and it’s something the customer connects with, it’s become so popular that folks write in asking for the shirt and tweeting pictures sporting their own, thus exposing the brand to even more potential customers. Data nerd shirts are routinely spotted on the streets of San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Denver, Austin, and other technology hubs!

New Relic's data nerd t-shirt they used to generate 30% more qualified leads

Forget about getting more visitors to your site. Instead, focus on converting the traffic you already have.

Like New Relic, you’re probably sitting on a gold mine of ‘do nothing’ visitors and signups. You don’t need more traffic, you need to motivate the visitors and signups you already have to take action.

To motivate the ‘do nothings’, New Relic needed something affordable, with a high perceived value. By creating a t-shirt that resonated with techies and integrating Printfection, Marketo, and Salesforce together, New Relic was able to offer free t-shirts as bait across their website, in re-targeting banner ads, and email marketing campaigns enticing people to deploy their product. Then once a customer deployed their product, they automatically emailed the customer with a giveaway redemption for their t-shirt. As a result of this “data nerd” campaign, New Relic’s qualified leads (the ones who’ve installed the New Relic agent) have shot up 30%.


"It's been nothing short of amazing how well the Data Nerd shirts have worked. At first we were going to just do it for a month as a one-time promo, but it's been so successful we incorporated the shirts throughout our entire marketing website as an ongoing promotion."

- Rafael Alenda, Vice President, Online and Brand Marketing at New Relic

From the Data Nerds themselves:

Here is a photo of my just arrived @newrelic's gift #datanerd

Awesome new T-shirt from @newrelic and an even better product to boot. (Thumbs up).

yeah i get my shirt from @newrelic, thx guys! awesome software!

Three men each wearing a data nerd t-shirt they got from New Relic's swag giveaway campaign

Walkthrough how New Relic uses t-shirts to move leads through the marketing funnel

1. Throughout the New Relic homepage they display the fact that you can get a free t-shirt if you deploy their product. First they tout the offer in a horizontal bar across the top of their homepage.

Screenshot of New Relic's call-to-action page with a mentioning of their swag t-shirt giveaway
Notice the FREE T-SHIRT calls to action

2. At the bottom of the homepage they show off the "Data Nerd" shirt in it's entirety, explaining to would-be customers how they can get the shirt for free by creating an account and deploying the NewRelic agent. Just like dangling a carrot on a stick!

New Relic webpage showing how they got more qualified leads by offering a t-shirt when someone requests a trial
Visitors can't resist signing up once they see how awesome the free t-shirt looks!

3.In addition to the homepage, there's also a dedicated landing page offering the t-shirt.

Dedicated New Relic landing page with guy wearing a t-shirt and a CTA to get swag on the form
"Become part of something" makes the prospect fee special. And a huge photo of a real person grabs the visitor's attention and is proven to increase conversions

4. Once a customer clicks to create a new account, New Relic's account creation page explains they'll get a free t-shirt once they're signed up and deployed.

New Relic's landing page and form they used to get more qualified leads
Do I really want to fill out this form? Yes, I do! That shirt is awesome! I want one!

5. Furthermore, say a customer has visited the New Relic website but then leaves before creating an account. New Relic follows them around the internet with re-targeted banner ads. And some of those ads entice folks back to the site by featuring their hip swag.

New Relic banner ad with offer to get a free t-shirt for trying their software
New Relic banner ad with a man wearing a t-shirt with "data nerd" printed on it
New relic banner ad with t-shirt offer button and guy wearing a data nerd tee

6. Once a customer creates an account, New Relic automatically sends them an email pushing them to install the product. Notice the "That's not all... when you deploy you'll also get a free Data Nerd t-shirt sent your way" incentive. These e-mails are sent automatically through Printfection's integration with Marketo.

7. After the customer deploys (installs) the product, New Relic automatically sends them an email with a unique redemption link (via Printfection's Marketo Integration) good for a one-time redemption of a t-shirt.

New Relic email used to generate more qualified leads featuring a CTA to get a t-shirt
PS - want a free t-shirt? OF COURSE!

8. The customer clicks on the link and arrives at the New Relic branded Printfection giveaway, where the customer is able to select their own style, size, and enter their shipping details (super handy as New Relic doesn't know if the customer is a man or a women, nor has their shirt size or physical shipping address at this point in the sales process).

9.After the customer enters their information and clicks "Send My Free Item", Printfection handles everything from printing through distribution!

A swag giveaway landing page where a customer chooses a t-shirt and enters their shipping address
Customer chooses their own t-shirt style, size, and enters their own shipping address

Bottom line

By offering their Data Nerd t-shirts for free to people who deploy their product, New Relic has significantly grown the number of qualified leads (+30%) and in turn doubled their customer base in less than a year.

Chart with an upward arrow depicting how New Relic grew MQLs by 30%
Leads +30%

How it works behind the scenes

  1. New Relic integrated Printfection’s API (which was easy from a technical standpoint and only involved running 3 scripts) to make the entire process seamless.
  2. New Relic’s internal script checked for new deployments of their product and then generated a giveaway code via Printfection’s API (one giveaway code per customer).
  3. New Relic added the freshly-minted giveaway code to the customer’s “printfection_code” custom field in Marketo. And then set up an automation rule which fired off the above e-mail, which of course contained the printfection_code custom field so the unique giveaway code was sent to the prospect.
  4. So once a New Relic customer is signed up and deployed, they automatically receive an email with a redemption code and giveaway URL for a t-shirt!

Time to get more qualified leads and convert trials to paying customers?

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