Case Study:

See how MaxCDN is building a
word–of–mouth swag success story


MaxCDN, one of the world’s premier content delivery network solutions, is using swag marketing to capture the mind-share of developers around the globe.

From surprising their favorite companies with a pile of swag (meet the Swag Bomb!), to rewarding new customers for using them, and even distributing their gear at events and conferences. MaxCDN leverages every part the Printfection swag marketing platform.

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About MaxCDN

Founded in 2009, MaxCDN helps companies and open-source projects around the world serve their digital assets faster and more reliably.

Offering top-of-the-line hardware and global network connectivity MaxCDN helps deliver everything from web hosting and game assets, to software updates and online publications — including several of the web’s most prominent code frameworks: jQuery and Bootstrap.

MaxCDN Stickers MaxCDN Login

MaxCDN's Customers

MaxCDN is focused on gaining traction with developers and the companies they work for. The MaxCDN product focuses on a tech-centric set of features, including: two-step authentication, a multi-platform API, real-time reporting, and Git integration.

The Opportunity

MaxCDN saw the opportunity to build organic growth by capitalizing on developer excitement, mind-share, and loyalty. The strategy MaxCDN has implemented uses swag as a way to connect with potential customers while also rewarding their existing base of loyal developers.

By getting high-quality and useful branded gear into the hands of their target market, MaxCDN believes they will continue to increase growth via word-of-mouth.

MaxCDN Shirt MaxCDN Giveaway

The Solution

MaxCDN targeted three primary swag campaigns to achieve their goals.

Swag Bombs

Introducing one of the most innovative swag marketing ideas we’ve ever seen, MaxCDN began to send surprise Swag Bombs to their favorite companies. Each Swag Bomb contained a pile of shirts in various sizes and a bunch of high-quality vinyl stickers.

By swag bombing companies they love, MaxCDN not only created a conversation about their solution, but also got their swag directly into the hands of developers.

Customer Gifts

In addition to soliciting new business and spreading their brand, MaxCDN also focuses on rewarding new customers.

After 30-days of using the MaxCDN service each new customer is given a free t-shirt via Printfection’s Giveaway service. The user is sent a custom URL allowing them to pick their t-shirt size and specify a shipping address.

Event Merchandise

MaxCDN also distributes swag at numerous events and conferences. Making sure their fans and customers have access to the latest MaxCDN branded gear.

Behind the Scenes

To implement the above swag campaigns MaxCDN uses nearly every piece of Printfection’s swag marketing platform.

Swag Bombs

MaxCDN Swag Bombs

To distributes their swag bombs MaxCDN uses Printfection’s bulk order tool.

Allowing them to pick and choose how many gifts should be included and when the package should arrive.

Customer Gifts

MaxCDN Giveaways

MaxCDN uses Printfection’s Giveaway service to individually send customers free gifts via an online landing page.

MaxCDN automatically distributes customer emails via their CRM when they qualify for a gift.

Event Merchandise

MaxCDN Event Packing

Event packing with Printfection lets MaxCDN specify (to the exact day) when their swag should arrive.

Plus, Printfection rolls, tags, and organizes all of the shirts by size so they can be easily distributed.

In addition to the swag campaigns, Printfection’s platform also allows MaxCDN to handle the inventory and online management of their swag. Helping avoid the clutter and frustration of having it sit in a pile at their office.

MaxCDN Product Inventory
MaxCDN Worldwide Swag

The Results

MaxCDN is growing like crazy. The organic word-of-mouth strategy they embrace is at the forefront of their marketing efforts. Their swag bombs and logo’d gifts have helped solidify them as a great CDN solution in the mind of developers.

Using swag in such a targeted and effective manner, without the overhead and hassle of doing-it-themselves, has put MaxCDN on the map as a swag marketing pioneer.

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