Printfection Case Study – Kajabi’s rockstar customer rewards program

How Kajabi boosts brand awareness & rewards customers with swag

Get ready to learn about an exceptionally clever use of swag rewards to bolster customer retention and garner brand recognition through social.

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform for creating an online business. It allows anyone to build and market their own products and services.

Kajabi’s customers are called Heroes. Mostly entrepreneurs, they’re teaching the world myriad topics, from marketing, fitness, business coaching, beauty, horse training — they’ve seen it all.

The case for swag

Rewarding loyal users

Kajabi started to ramp up their online community of users and developed a swag rewards program. They send swag gifts to their Heroes after they sell a certain amount of their products or services through the platform.

For example, when a Hero sells their first $1,000 through the platform, they get an awesome shirt. As they sell increasingly more, the gifts get better and better, like sleek Moscow mule mugs, hoodies, and tech gadgets.

Sponsoring community events

Kajabi noticed the traction their dedicated Facebook user group was creating, and they wanted to further snowball that effort.

Sometimes their user groups host their own local meetups. Kajabi sponsors these and sends them swag for their events.

Chelsea Perry — the brains behind the swag program

We spoke with Chelsea Perry, Kajabi’s social & community manager who oversees their Heroes Program and the related swag.

“The ability to drop ship with Printfection is huge. It’s nice not having to package up gifts on our own. Before we had to place orders for shirts and other items and have them brought in-house. We don’t have to do that anymore.”

Prior to Printfection, Kajabi used a smaller vendor who just handled t-shirts. Printfection’s swag platform allows them to choose from hundreds of different items, like bags, drinkware, tech/gadgets — you name it.

Kajabi also has a partner program — people using the service can get others to sign up via an affiliate link. The more active users one recruits, the greater the swag rewards.

“Brand awareness has really shot up — our Heroes are really excited to share their achievements as a result of the swag gifting program.”

— Chelsea Perry, Social & Community Manager at Kajabi

The business impact

kajabi customer swag, a black notebook

More brand awareness

Chelsea shared, “Brand awareness has really shot up — our Heroes are excited to share their achievements as a result of the swag gifting program.”

This has been tremendously helpful for increasing organic traffic. Their customers are also jazzed to get swag, which increases retention over the long-term.

More customer testimonials

When Chelsea sends customers swag, she gives them access to a Typeform where they can record their story via video, which can then be shared on social and on Kajabi’s website — check out their Heroes page!

Swag also motivates their users to put on their gear, furthering brand awareness. Chelsea finds that 80% of the people she sends swag to are willing to share their experiences as a result.

Massive time savings

Without Printfection, the process of creating & distributing swag that Heroes actually want to wear and use would be painfully time-consuming.

Chelsea estimates she saves 10-15 hours per week by using Printfection.

kajabi rewards customers with swag

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