Printfection Case Study – How ControlUp uses swag virtually

ControlUp uses Printfection to increase virtual event ROI

Not to be deterred by COVID-19’s utter annihilation of in-person shows, ControlUp’s Global Event Manager, Leeza Malachevsky, hatched a plan.

She and her team put together a virtual event, pitting two technical UC gurus head to head who have expertise in two different technologies with which ControlUp partners.

These two speakers possess a good amount of street cred and respect within the End User Computing and IT communities.

Read on below to see what they did, or watch this short video.

Leeza Malachevsky, ControlUp

Leeza Malachevsky, master of virtual swag giveaways
controlup uses swag virtually for their event

About ControlUp

ControlUp is transforming the way IT manages systems, troubleshoots issues, and helps deliver a great user experience.

More than 1,000 organizations around the world rely on ControlUp to save time, money, and precious human resources to ensure business continuity.

Generating maximum buzz for their virtual event

Leeza and team’s goal was to generate maximum brand awareness but also find a way to creatively engage their community.

So they first created an image of their two presenters with heads on top of boxing uniforms, which they knew their audience would find funny.

Next, they began promoting the virtual event, leveraging email and social campaigns.

But during the last couple days leading up to show-time, they wanted to grow their registration and buzz even more.

Enter a virtual swag giveaway

Leeza sent out a newsletter to their database highlighting a couple of events and blog posts.

They marketed a post about their virtual event at the top and told people they’d send them a pair of socks if they provided screenshots showing they shared the post on Twitter or LinkedIn.

From this simple effort, ControlUp generated a huge amount of organic engagement by getting their audience to promote the event on their social networks.

Successful outcome thanks to their virtual swag program

This campaign played a huge part in netting over 350 registrants for the event.

And over 100 people stayed on for the whole hour, and the video grabbed 400 unique views within the first few hours of being posted.

From this, Leeza got 25 new YouTube subscribers and 40 new leads added to the database.

By leveraging fun socks and Printfection’s swag platform to send them out easily, Leeza was able to engage attendees in a virtual format, something incredibly hard to do when everyone is so distracted at home.

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