Tap Into the World’s Best T-shirt Printing and Fulfillment Service

Use the same swag management and fulfillment system that other top-tier companies (like New Relic, Zendesk, SendGrid, Mule Soft, and more) are using to manage and distribute their promotional merchandise.

Printfection is your source for the highest quality printing combined with fast, reliable, fulfillment. We allow you to purchase inventory up front, we then store and fulfill that merchandise as you use it through our platform.

We turn around Giveaway orders and drop-shipments within a day and give you all the tracking you need to verify the destination.

High Quality Printing

The Best Product and Printing Partners

Our partners provide some of the best brand-matching and printing quality in the industry. Backed by our network of merchandise suppliers, you get the highest quality products and phenomenal quality printing. Creating the perfect brand-awareness swag experience for your end-user.

Screen Print, Embroider, Emboss, Engrave, and more!

Our printing methods allow you to choose from tons of different product options — our quality is top notch and you can verify everything before you buy with our beautiful high-resolution virtual samples.

Quality control

The real secret to our amazing, repeatable quality is our focus on quality control before, during, and after production. Before your item goes into production, a real human reviews the order for any issues. We check quality, positioning, and other details. After production your order is checked for quality and brand accuracy before we move it to our fulfillment center. or.

Packaging Branded for You

Our packaging is plain white or brown — no huge Printfection callouts. Each packing slips is carefully folded inside the box, or on the front of the package, with your logo at the top, not ours.

Multiple Production Facilities Nationwide

We print & ship your merchandise from the highest-quality promotional product providers around the country.


You place orders online and we handle the entire fulfillment process for you. Packages are checked, packed, and sent within one-business-day of your order being placed. Online you’ll have a constant view of inventory availability and status.

Distribution Methods

Our online platform gives you tons of ways to send out your merchandise. From traditional drop-shipping to cutting-edge online Giveaways we give you the tools to up your brand awareness.

International Experts

Put our international shipping expertise to your advantage. We ship to every major country and handle all of the customs forms, regulations, compliance, reporting, taxes, and other time-consuming and complicated paperwork. Orders arrive faster and cost less because of our scale and partnerships with international shipping providers.

Fast and Consistent Turnaround Times

Our production facilities operate around the clock, producing and shipping orders in record time. Many orders are printed and shipped within 24 hours. Even during the busiest times of the year, we custom produce and ship your orders within a few days.

Backed by Technology

We’re not your standard promotional product company. We’re a small, innovative start-up working to give you access to technology that no one else in the industry provides.

We offer an online item creation and approval process, including high-resolution imagery and true brand-matched virtual samples. We give you access to view your inventory in real-time, showing your products and quantity levels, we also provide creative ways to distribute your custom-branded.

Printfection is the first company to bring swag management to today’s tech savvy businesses — finally, you have the ability to use swag as a real marketing weapon.

A Reputation for Quality

We’re known for having the highest quality printing, time and time again.

True Fulfillment

You don’t have to pack boxes or manage inventory. We do it for you and see it all online!

Backed by Technology

The tools and processes you need to market your brand with swag.