Feature: Collect Swag Requests

Collect and approve swag requests

Set up collection campaign pages that allow anyone to submit requests for approval

Automate your team's requests for swag

Sales reps asking to send swag to prospects?

HR team needs swag for a career fair?

Have a CSV of customers you'd like to send swag to all at once?

Printfection has you covered with Collection campaigns


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Happy customers and employees wearing branded company t-shirts sent to them from our swag management platform
Slips of paper showing different swag requests for t-shirts, water bottles, etc.

Printfection's Collection campaign

The quickest way to get collect and approve your team's swag requests

Let reps submit orders from your CRM. You review & approve

Import a CSV file of names, addresses, and gifts. Then review & place

Set up a dedicated page your employees can use to order swag


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Manage swag requests across departments & regions

Visibility into inventory levels

  • No longer worry about people raiding your "swag closet"
  • Understand which teams are requesting what items
  • Save hours of time through automating swag requests

International merchandise fulfillment

  • Ship swag to over 200 countries worldwide
  • Taxes, customs fees, forms - we'll handle it!
  • Getting swag to teams overseas is a breeze

The Printfection swag workflow

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