How Printfection Makes Swag Easy

See just how easy Printfection's swag distribution platform is!

Account Set Up

  • Sign up for a Printfection account
  • Pick and choose your perfect swag
  • Choose your pricing plan

Printfection's Swag Platform

Order your swag, in a few clicks

Buy Swag
  • Buy your swag in just a few clicks
  • See an overview of your product inventory
  • Re-order items as needed, any time
  • Get discounts for buying in bulk

Watch a Video of Buying Inventory

For Example
300 T-Shirts
100 Water Bottles
2,000 Stickers

Distribute Your Swag

  • Use the application to distribute your inventory for all your swag marketing initiatives.
  • Choose from a variety of marketing tools to help accomplish your distribution.

Gifts & Rewards

  • 126 shirts for customer rewards
  • 22 water bottles as recruiting gifts
  • 50 drop-in packs to drive sales
    Includes a t-shirt, water bottle, and sticker drop-in.
124 T-Shirts
28 Water Bottles
1,950 Stickers
Event Merchandise

Event Merchandise

  • 75 shirts rolled and organized
  • 15 water bottles as premium swag
  • Tons of stickers for your fans!
49 T-Shirts
13 Water Bottles
1,500 Stickers
Employee Swag

Employee Swag

  • 32 shirts for onboarding
  • 10 water bottles for office perks
  • A bunch of stickers to hand out
17 T-Shirts
3 Water Bottles
1,300 Stickers
0 T-Shirts
0 Water Bottles
1,000 Stickers

your swag

Box Packing

Orders, Shipping, & Fulfillment

  1. Orders are automatically generated as your swag is used.
  2. Each order is then hand-packed and prepped for shipping.
  3. Finally, your orders are shipped, anywhere in the world. Printfection handles all customs fees and paperwork.

End-Customer Support

  • A customer love team to handle returns, exchanges, and address updates.
  • Exchanges are free: including shipping and an account credit.
  • We are always focused on your brand and your reputation.

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