Case Study:

How TeamSnap uses swag to connect with customers and build a grassroots success story.

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TeamSnap uses Printfection’s swag marketing platform to grow their business and company culture. From grassroots customer rewards to employee onboarding swag, TeamSnap is encouraging new teams to sign up for their service from the ground up.

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About TeamSnap

Founded in 2007, TeamSnap helps over 7 million users around the world coordinate, manage, and organize their team sports and groups. TeamSnap has built an online product that takes the headache out of managing players, games, team calendars, payments, and more.

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TeamSnap's Customers

TeamSnap focuses on anyone who’s ever tried to run or participate in a competitive or recreational sports team. From football dads to hockey moms, TeamSnap is helping make the lives of hardworking coaches, parents, and players better.

The Opportunity

TeamSnap was looking to generate more new team signups by capitalizing on word-of-mouth referrals from their tight-knit customer base. They knew that by hooking up customers with useful-and-fun branded gear it would grow product awareness.

In addition, TeamSnap wanted to capitalize on employee excitement about the service. By offering employee onboarding swag TeamSnap could capitalize on their active and sport friendly company culture.

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The Solution

TeamSnap decided to implement a number of swag campaigns to address their goals. Printfection’s giveaway, social giveaway, and bulk order solutions allow TeamSnap to get their gear directly into the hands of customers and employees.

Social Network Gifts

TeamSnap, with Printfection’s help, has put together a variety of sports-savey gear: like fold-out camping chairs and dry-fit shirts. Then, using Printfection’s giveaway and social giveaway services TeamSnap runs a variety of contests and rewards campaigns to hook up their customers and fans.

Random Perks

In addition to their social networking initiative, TeamSnap gives away random customer appreciation swag to their loyal coaches, parents, and players.

Employee Onboarding

Last but not least, every new employee at TeamSnap receives a dedicated swag budget that lets them stock up on company gear. Plus, every year on their anniverssary employees get $100 gift certificate to re-up their swag.


Behind the Scenes

To achieve the above social networking and customer appreciation solutions TeamSnap uses Printfection’s giveaway system.

Generating custom one-time-use gift codes and URLs that could be easily sent to customers via Facebook or email.

This allows each fan or customer to claim their gift by going to their own dedicated TeamSnap gift URL. Upon arriving the customer selected their gift, specified their size (if needed), and entered their shipping address.

Once the gift was redeemed Printfection handled the fulfillment and distribution (including international shipments) directly to the customer. And, in the unlikely case of a problem, Printfection handled the end-customer support.

Embroidery Snap

“Word of mouth on the fields, courts and rinks is one of TeamSnap's
strongest marketing tools to grow new team sign ups.

When TeamSnap customers wear a shirt that's printed, stored, and sent
through Printfection — word-of-mouth about TeamSnap increases.

Along with the strength of TeamSnap's product, Printfection's swag platform helps grow TeamSnap's grassroots approach like no other initiative can.”

Jenny Hadden Web Marketing Manager

Happy TeamSnap users

The Results

TeamSnap has been spreading like wildfire across the recreational sports communities. Raising 7.5 million in Series B funding in early 2014.

Printfection has helped them grow new team signups and take a foothold in the mind-share of coaches, hockey moms, football dads, and players everywhere.

If you'd like to learn more about TeamSnap's service visit them at

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