Printfection Case Study – Raken boosts sales & retention with swag

How Raken used Printfection to increase retention, boost sales, & get their highest event ROI

Meet Brittany Olsson, Raken's Sr. Manager of Marketing Programs

Brittany oversees all of demand gen, events, account based marketing (ABM), and all of public relations.

Brittany Olsson uses swag for retention at Raken

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Increasing retention and reducing customer churn

During the present COVID-19 crisis, Brittany has taken on more than normal, including a new approach to customer retention.

To help mitigate churn, Brittany leveraged our swag platform to assemble awesome custom kits that Printfection customer success manager, Biba Beckwith, helped create.

Brittany created a Giveaway campaign for key accounts, also called their MVP or Tier 1 customers.

She sent them a candid email to thank them for their business and support and asked if there's anything Raken could do to help them during this time.

Her email included a link that would take them to a gifting landing page where customers could get their ‘Cozy in Quarantine’ kit.

They could select among several different kits.

The outcome of Raken's swag retention campaign

Brittany sent out 39 links and saw a very impressive 50% redemption rate.

Raken’s customer success team said their customers were so stoked, writing in to express thanks for thinking of them, how thoughtful the gesture was, etc.

When we’re all experiencing a time filled with dour news and bad vibes, kind little gestures go a tremendously long way in boosting customer morale and devotion to your brand.

Using swag / direct mail for sales enablement

Brittany also leveraged a similar campaign for sales.

The COVID-19 crisis made selling a bit awkward, so Brittany helped her reps finesse their approach and come from a good-human perspective.

Most people understand that businesses are trying to survive, but it still makes sense to call out the current circumstances.

Empathy during a scary time goes a very long way.

So Raken’s reach-out entailed messaging highlighting some cool, useful items, and to let them know if their prospects wanted to talk more.

Brittany quickly duplicated the campaign Biba had helped her set up on the Customer Success side and handed it off to Sales, which worked incredibly well.

The tactical nitty-gritty & results

Through Printfection, Brittany allotted budgets for each rep and selected certain items they could send to potential customers.

Raken has used this direct mail / swag gifting strategy for 6 months and the reps say it has been amazingly helpful not only at getting meetings but also at getting deals over the hump.

This campaign has made sales reps love Brittany even more, making it easier to recruit reps to attend their shows.

How Raken leveraged our event swag services to boost trade show ROI

In 2019, Raken did 50 trade shows and conferences, and Printfection made that whole process so much easier, Brittany said in this super short video.

Before Printfection, when going to a trade show, Brittany had to pack all the swag and grapple with tough decisions like:

  • Do you ship the swag, or do you try to take it with you?
  • If you ship it, when should you send it such that it arrives on the right date?
  • If you ship it, will it actually arrive or be found?
  • How much will that cost?

Brittany had to track all these calculations and costs in a spreadsheet.

But once their swag arrived at the show (which before Printfection, could be a big ‘if’) - they then had to get their t-shirts set up, make sure they were neatly presented, and try to figure out what sizes they had.

Before COVID-19, at the largest trade show Raken ever did (160,000 people), they used Printfection to seamlessly dropship all their swag to their booth.

“It was amazing,” Brittany summarized.

The t-shirts came rolled neatly in rubber bands with labels for their sizes.

Additionally, their koozies and other goods came easily organized and accessible. They simply took their items out of the box and were ready for the show.

Brittany also had access to all tracking numbers via Printfection’s platform, and everything arrived on-time.

It was their best event, and Brittany expertly pointed out that "booths with the best swag get the best traffic, plain and simple."

What outcomes would you like to achieve with your swag?

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