Printfection Case Study: How Endcrawl uses swag giveaways to promote their brand

Endcrawl, co-founded by John “Pliny” Eremic, is a SaaS for managing film and television credits and has been used for thousands of productions.

The company makes it dramatically easier and faster to produce end credits, eliminating the need for extensive spreadsheets, large data files, and back-and-forth iterations.

We did a virtual sit-down with Pliny to see how they used swag giveaways to delight customers, increase brand awareness, and take their swag game from “0 to 1.”

endcrawl uses swag giveaways in their business

About Endcrawl

Endcrawl is a professional, SaaS-based tool for creating, managing, and outputting the scrolling end credits for film and television.


How they use swag giveaways to drive brand awareness & delight users

Like in the startup world, logo’d t-shirts often comprise the standard uniform for folks working in film production.

Whether working on site or in a post-production studio, shirts are common, so brands in their space try to get their name out with custom apparel.

Endcrawl gives away tons of t-shirts at trade shows and expos. People really like their brand and their logo - the design is classic and simple, with just their logomark on the front and a very small ‘’ on the back.

We recommend customers go this route often because it ensures people will actually want to wear it. That is the key with any branded swag - it needs to be worn or used out in the wild so others will see it.

Use cases

Pliny sends swag to customers for free often - could be a just a way of saying thanks or a random gesture of appreciation.

He also does Twitter giveaways on occasion, which he can easily execute using Printfection’s platform and Giveaway campaigns.

In a particularly clever strategy, Endcrawl tries to maximize CPM (cost per impressions).

On a film set, individuals in particular roles sit in a chair with a producer sitting behind them.

This role is not a potential target customer for Endcrawl — but the producer is.

So the back of the t-shirt of the person sitting in front of the producer provides prime real estate for Endcrawl to place their logo so their target persona sees it!

In essence, they take a particularly thoughtful approach to outfit the right people, an incredibly smart swag strategy.

The pain of doing swag manually - and why Printfection

Prior to Printfection, Pliny ordered shirts online from a reputable company. They were all fine and high-quality, but now he had a huge box in his living room.

Enter the pain.

To get the shirts out, he had to painstakingly obtain hundreds of people’s email addresses, ask them their size (awkward!), print out shipping labels, and then go to the post office.

One time he went there with 90 packages. The post office staff handled it professionally, but he decided it was best not to go this route again.

Truth be told, Pliny didn’t have time to be doing this in the first place — he had a business to run.

On top of this trouble, he would also go to trade shows with a suitcase on wheels and “hand out shirts at parties like a dork.”

The difference and impact of Printfection’s swag management platform

When it comes to Printfection, “It’s not like the difference between the easy and hard way - it’s having a swag game versus not having one at all,” Pliny says.

Trying to create and ship swag themselves was too painful and he wouldn't do it again - it’s a 0 to 1 thing for them. That’s the real difference with using Printfection.

Once Pliny started using Printfection, he unlocked new methods and use cases for swag giveaways.

For example, Endcrawl sponsors a monthly meetup for creative professionals.

For these meetups, Pliny generates Giveaway codes for the event and has the event organizer display it on the screen during the opening of the gathering, allowing the first 10-20 people to snag a t-shirt.

“People really like that they don't have to send you their address or size - you just send a link and click go. I don’t need to ask you personal questions about your size,” Pliny elaborated.

Surprising recipients with a unique feature, Drop-Ins

Pliny also leverages Printfection’s Drop-In item feature, where you can add small items as a surprise gift to a larger giveaway item.

Endcrawl surveyed their customers and market segment to ask them, of the swag they gather at shows, what items do they actually keep and use?

Pens, Moleskine notebooks, and apparel like hoodies ranked among the list of most useful merch.

So the drop-in items are a nice and elegant way to get their brand out into the world easily.

Other benefits Endcrawl sees from Printfection

Pliny loves that he can order various styles of shirts, like men’s, unisex, and women’s, and not get penalized by it.

Meaning, if you can get a lower price per shirt by buying 1,000 at a time, for example, you can split that 1,000 among various different styles and sizes (say 600 women’s and 400 unisex) and still have that count towards the total quantity price break of 1,000.

Free samples

Pliny also appreciated the fact that he could get free samples of various apparel items to get a firsthand touch of the look and feel before making an order.

He and his wife tried on a bunch of shirts, running them through a hot wash, and tried them on again to make sure they didn’t shrink too much.

No one wants to wear your swag if it doesn’t feel good or if it doesn’t last!

And Endcrawl’s shirts absolutely get worn - because folks request re-ups of their old ones from Pliny after frequent usage.

Printfection offers various quantities of free samples per quarter based on our three subscription plans.


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