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Leverage Printfection's swag tools and distribution in over 500 applications using Zapier's cutting edge integration platform.

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Above are just a few pre-built examples we've put together, but there are hundreds more workflows just waiting to be created. It only takes minutes (not hours) to test your new integration.

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Choose from a huge selection of applications. Just look at this list of compatible apps offered by Zapier to see the hundreds of options.

Help Article: Integrating Printfection with Zapier

Still have questions? See the list FAQs we've put together below:

How can I create an integration?

Easy, just log into your Zapier account and use the orange Make a New Zap button. From there you'll choose the application that triggers your workflow, and what actions should be taken afterwards.

Are there any limitations with Zapier?

As of now Zapier only works with Printfection's Giveaway and Collection campaigns. In the future, we hope to allow Zapier to work with all campaign types in Printfection.

Do I need to pay for Zapier?

Depending on what apps you're looking to ingeterate with and how many times you need to make a request, you might need to pay for Zapier. You can learn more about their pricing levels on their website.

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