Looking for a custom t-shirt printing & fulfillment API?

Printfection’s API allows companies to integrate their swag promotional programs, printing, and fulfillment through one central source. Printfection’s products allow an extensive list of printing methods, including screen-printing, engraving, and more. Use our API to integrate products and fulfillment into any variety of business level applications or campaigns.

API Integration Details & Information

See our comprehensive API Integrations page to learn
about our existing integrations and business workflows.

Powerful t-shirt fulfillment API, automate your drop shipping and swag distribution.

The Printfection API can handle whatever you dream up. It places orders automatically 24/7, it pulls item information and inventory levels without issue, and has a historical uptime of 99.99%. The API is REST based to have predictable, resource-oriented, URLs — and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. You can see the full documentation on Github.

Query order status in real-time

Query the status of every order in real-time. Know (to the minute) when the order was placed, when it hit the production floor, when it shipped, who placed the order, where it’s going, and if anything was returned or exchanged. It’s the same data our Customer Love team has access to for all their support requests.

Access customer information

Direct access to the details of your customers and their orders. Retrieve customer email addresses to build your house e-mail list. Match orders and customers to your internal database or CRM.

Build integrations, add-ons or entirely new apps

Create whatever additional functionality your business needs. Our API is there to take your ideas and turn them into an automated reality. For instance, we’ve had customers send T-Shirt to every new qualified lead, or reward customers on an annual basis when their anniversary comes up.

Everything you need to easily integrate promotional merchandise into your projects

If you’re a developer, or work with them, you’ll appreciate our excellent documentation, sample code, and pre-built wrappers. We’ve invested a lot of time and energy into supporting API documentation to make your job easier.

Developer resources

Excellent documentation

If you’ve ever worked with a manufacturing company’s API (or lack thereof), you’re in for a pleasant surprise. We’re a technology company that happens to print and fulfill products. This means our API documentation is easy to understand, straightforward, and well documented. We’ve modeled it after some of our industry favorites, like Stripe. Our hope is this will save your dev team hours of frustration.

Sample code & pre-built wrapper

Get started quickly with the help of our downloadable API wrappers. Drop these libraries into your project and hit the ground running. Focus on your code instead of dealing with the integration between your app and our API.

Direct access to senior-level developers

When you have a question, talk directly with our senior level developers-the ones who actually wrote the API. Like our love team, our API team works in-house. No outsourcing, no level 1 techs. Direct access to the people who can actually solve your issue-fast.

99.99% API uptime

Our API is a mission-critical system for many of our partners. We run multiple API servers and have a historical 99.99% uptime.