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Welcome to Veronica Vinyl's Kinky Couture
Adults only! T-shirts and other fab stuff, slathered all over with original Veronica Vinyl art! Now you can ooze perverted class at all the best parties. Be the envy of a few people! NEW sexy amazing designs WEEKLY. Now what did you do to deserve that?
Designs feature "bitch" graphics, a mandala-like playing card, and a limited-edition white version with the original background by Veronica Vinyl. You may have to order enough to get you through laundry day. It can be your new uniform for your life.
Ms. Alexia's Wicked Wand
Whether she's disguised as Tinkerbell or an adorable geek, or gracing Veronica Vinyl's distinctive Signature designs, this wicked fairy is clearly up to something. It's your job to find out what it is.
The Harlequin Fairy
Signature shirts feature Veronica's signature in rainbow, pink/purple, and blue/purple shades. Signature shirts look great at the nightclub, or out spanging for a giddy afternoon of misdemeanor grifting.
Veronica Vinyl Signature
Two versions of the shirt -- the fairy leaping against a blue sky; and on darker shirts, in front of the single word "LEAP." Take the leap. Trust in yourself. Believe you can do it. Believe you can own this shirt.
Take the Leap Fairy
Veronica Vinyl's distinctive signature is featured as part of the overall design. Ms. Porsche looks utterly elegant and charming in her top hat, tuxedo coat, and matching formal heavy satin g-string.
Top Hat. Formal. Sexy!
The iWhip allows you to be whipped anywhere, anytime. You can download a whipping app that includes patterns by Ms. Cyan and other notable whippers. Swap whippings with other whip-ees. Keep in constant contact with people you went to high school with!
iWhip Sexy Robot Domina
The Hamadryad Tree Fairy is very female, wicked, clearly capable of defending her tree. Our wicked tree sprite is clawing it up on the front of a bunch of cool shirts and stuff. Now how f*cking nice is that?
Hamadryad Tree Fairy
A naughty redheaded chef prepares her latest creation, Braised Dude with a sundried tomato and cilantro glaze. Yummy! This design not only comes as a t-shirt, but also a BBQ apron. Veronica felt it only fitting. Bon apetit!
Sexy Chef, Dubious Menu
A gorgeous Pixie Moon Fairy, in shades of purple and green, caught contemplating the full moon. This is one of those t-shirts where your friends wonder who you're sleeping with, to get such cool shirts.
Watercolor Pixie Moon Fairy
One of Veronica Vinyl's most popular works, "Black Widow in Ballet Boots." This piece was one of two of Veronica's works featured in a recent book, "The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today." This piece is all about the crazy detail, defining space.
Black Widow in Ballet Boots
T-shirts and goodies based on Veronica Vinyl's animated series, Burning Wig! Two versions, one "G" rated, one "PG." Our wicked queens remind us that life is a drag -- and a lot of fun!
Burning Wig
Carpe Noctum - "Seize the Night" in Latin - is a favorite of Nightwalkers, and one of Veronica's signature expressions. Shirt features a glowing full moon and subliminal text in dark grey. Artists! Writers! 7-11 Clerks! Celebrate the night!
Carpe Noctum/Seize the Night
You must obey the Reprogrammer. These shirts are just for you, sissies.
Sissy Shirts
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