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Unique and beautiful abstract paintings, colorful and vibrant! Let your imagination drift and find one that speaks to you.... available on fine apparel,including t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops; and on fine quality household items too!
Mysterious ancient they have a message for you...? 
Scroll down to see this design on tee shirts,mousepads,cutting boards, coasters and many other great gifts.
Blue Abstract with vibrant colors,crystal cave,stalagmites,stalactites,magic and pagan.
Click to see this colorful abstract painting on tee shirts, mousepads, hats, bags, coasters and many other gifts.
Crystal Cave
Pounding music and sweating bodies, these happy dancers are groovin' and movin'!
Unique fractal of cold winter frost, the icy frozen Jack Frost image remembered from childhood windowpanes.
Jack Frost
Colorful abstract sunset in beautiful Arizona.  
Scroll down to see this vibrant design on t-shirts and other fine apparel, and on cutting boards,bags, mousepads and coasters.  A great gift for any art lover.
Arizona Sunset
Original black abstract painting kind of gothic and pagan ... broody and dark.
Scroll down to see this mysterious black design on t-shirts, mousepads, cutting boards and other gifts for anyone who is arty or gothic.
Black Abstract
Is it a creature? Something floating in a blue sea? 3D blue, green and purple abstract design makes a great gift for art lovers everywhere. Scroll down to see this mysterious image on t-shirts, glass cutting boards and many other great gift ideas.
3D Abstract
This brilliant blue flower grows in a garden far, far away... somewhere beyond our imagination... 
Click to see this vivid abstract design on t-shirts,mousepads,cutting boards, coasters and many other great gifts.
Blue Flower
Colorful abstract splashy vivid color design. great gifts for all your artist friends, t-shirts,housewares.
Dancing rain drops swirling in beautiful patterns.  A unique and original design for all art lovers.  Click to see this artwork on t-shirts, muse pads, bags and cutting boards.  A great gift.
Rain Dance
Colors reflected on a rainy night, a bright puddle of blue and red light. Click to see this colorful abstract painting on t-shirts,bags,mousepads,cutting boards, coasters and many other great gifts.
Rainy Lights
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