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Welcome to Tamia Nelson's Outside Shop
Tamia Nelson's Outside is a resource for active people of every ability, where everyone is enthusiastically encouraged to cycle, paddle, hike, and explore the world under muscle power.
It's all about the bike, but it's all about you, too. About freedom, pleasure, self-sufficiency. About getting there under your own power. About independence. How sweet it is!
On Your Bike!
We all have those days. <em>You</em> know the ones we're talking about. Nothing goes right. You feel deflated. You might as well never have gotten out of bed. But you have, so make the best of it. Laugh in the face of adversity!
It Just Gets WORSE!
The snapper is getting a <b><a href="" target="_blank">Turtle Taxi</a></b>. He's happy and shows it, so why not show it, too? Wear Helping Hands Helping Turtles shirts, or carry your stuff in our jumbo tote.
Helping Hands
You love turtles. You help them whenever you can. Toot your own horn and tell everyone about it by wearing our <b><a href="" target="_blank">Turtle Taxi</a></b> shirts or carrying our Turtle Taxi tote!
Be a Turtle Taxi
<b>Suck It Up!</b>
Suck It Up!
What's the attraction? <em><a href="" target="_Blank">Tamia Nelson's Outside</a></em> has received a steady trickle of visitors looking for information about skunk scat. If you're one of them, these are for you.
The Mysterious Appeal...
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