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Welcome to Sly & the rhythm sneakers
Representing L.A. and Tokyo. John Siy and Tomoko Kondo, two talented artists and lovers separated by the Pacific Ocean. Inspired by pop art, character design, music, graffiti, and love; their artwork overcomes the great distance that separates them.
This section is for you fellas, so check it out, gear up, and dress to impress!, For the ladies looking at this section, you're here probably because it's time to upgrade your fellas closet!
Men's Apparel
Ladies, this here is your section, so fill up your shopping carts and order away!  Fellas, buy something nice for your lady... if she isn't already next to you and telling you what she wants that is!
Women's Apparel
Just some random stuff everyone can enjoy at your desk.. or at work... or just anywhere you want to bring some funk... yes.. even to the toilet... though we'd rather not want to know why you're taking this stuff in there for............
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