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Fuzzy friends for you to love!
Adorable, fuzzy, and cute, the Pom Pom Pals are charming their way into your heart. With big eyes and a sweet smile, all of the Pals will win you over in an instant. Babies, Cats, Bunnies, Chefs, Baseball Players, and even Reindeer.

Get your very own Pom Pom Pal on t-shirts, dark apparel, kids gear, women's wear, girl's gear, mousepads, aprons, tote bags, baseball jerseys, tank tops, ringer tees, baby tees, and so much more.
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Featured Sections

<p align=justify><font size=2><font color=#5C246E>Meet the main Pom Pom Pals that you will see through out the collection including Red White and Blue, Orange, Camouflage, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Wedgewood, Red and Green, Purple, and more.</font></font>
Main Pom Pom Pals
<p align=justify><font size=2><font color=#5C246E>Meet the supporting characters of Pom Pom Pals including a Green Alien, Caveman, Tumble Weed, a Pink and Blue coloured one, Khaki, Snowman, and more.</font></font>
Supporting Pom Pom Pals
<p align=justify><font size=2><font color=#5C246E>It's the cool crew and the cool Pom Pom Pals coming your way. Groovy and psychedelic Pals including Tiedye, Rainbow, and Neon.  Featured on kids wear, women's gear, dark apparel, mousepad, and more.</font>
Cool Pom Pom Pals
<font size=2><font color=#5C246E><p align=justify>Are you a graduate or know someone who is? Then these Pom Pom Pals are right for you! Featuring the year of graduation and grad cap.  Featured on t-shirts, dark apparel, women's gear, kids wear, etc.</font
Graduation Pom Pom Pals
<font size=2><font color=#5C246E><p align=justify>Heaven sent Pom Poms that look like angels. Grinning happily at you and complete with wings and a halo. Several colours available on kids wear, dark apparel, women's gear, t-shirts, and more.</font></font>
Pom Pom Angels
<font size=2><font color=#5C246E><p align=justify>Sweet baby Pom Pom Pals want to find their way into your heart and into your home. Several colours available. Designs come complete with baby soother.  Available on t-shirts, kids wear, etc.</font</font>
Pom Pom Babies
<font size=2><font color=#5C246E><p align=justify>Batter up! You won't strike out with these adorable Pom Pom Pals baseball fans. Each Pal is wearing a different coloured cap to suit any baseball fanatic.  Available on baseball jerseys, kids gear, etc.</f
Pom Pom Baseball Fans
<font size=2><font color=#5C246E><p align=justify>Hopping into your heart, these cute Pom Pom Pal bunnies are perfect for all those who love rabbits or want to give the perfect Easter gift. Complete with bunny teeth and ears.</font></font>
Pom Pom Bunnies
<font size=2><font color=#5C246E><p align=justify>Meow! Cute Pom Pom Pal Cats complete with adorable whiskers and sweet kitty cat ears. Various colours available in this pom pom design.  Available on dark apparel, kids wear, women's gear, etc.</font></fon
Pom Pom Cats
<font size=2><font color=#5C246E><p align=justify>Are you a chef or know someone who is? Or do you just like to wear cute clothing? Then this is the perfect design for you. Featuring a chef with hat and mustache. Several colours available.</font></font>
Pom Pom Chefs
<font size=2><font color=#5C246E><p align=justify>Celebrate your heritage with the Pom Pom Pals who seem to have patriot pride for which ever country they are representing. Designs include Canadiana, Americana, and more.</font></font>
Pom Pom Heritage
<font size=2><font color=#5C246E><p align=justify>Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's, Canada Day, or St. Paddy's, there is a Pom Pom Pal for you. Featured Pals include a Leprechaun, Pumpkin, and Reindeer.</font></font>
Pom Pom Holidays
<font size=2><font color=#5C246E><p align=justify>The perfect designs for those who have multiples or know someone who does or is expecting them. From twins all the way to octuplets. Featuring a red Pom Pom Pal with a heart.</font></font>
Pom Pom Multiples
<font size=2><font color=#5C246E><p align=justify>A cute way to show that you stand up for a cause including Breast Cancer Awareness and Support Our Troops.  Featured on kids gear, women's wear, dark apparel, mousepad, t-shirts, baseball jerseys and more.
Ribbon Pom Pom Pals
<font size=2><font color=#5C246E><p align=justify>Meet a variety of Pom Pom Pals that are in a league all their own including a Rainbow Pyramid, and Rainbow Row featuring all the colours of the pom pom rainbow.</font></font>
Miscellaneous Pom Pom Pals

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